J-Si’s Blog: Professional Sports Star In the Making
J-Si’s Blog: Professional Sports Star In the Making

Guess what? Cason’s road to professional sports is going amazingly well. We had his 6 month checkup yesterday and here are his measurements:

Height: he is 29 inches tall… which means he almost caught up to Kidd.

Weight: he weighed in at 22 lbs… which means he almost caught up to Jenna.

Head: his head measured in at 17 inches… which means his head almost caught up to my biceps… ok, its way bigger than my biceps, dang it.

This means that my toothless, 6 month old, son is the size of most one year olds. But we do have a problem. People assume he is that old and continue to make stupid comments toward us like: He’s not walking yet? or, how come he doesn’t have teeth? or, where is all his hair? Believe it or not, those questions can get pretty annoying. But I will take annoying questions if it means I have a healthy baby.

Since Cason was not feeling very well, and was cranky due to the three needles that were shoved in his thigh, so Kinsey took him for a ride, and ended up at Target. Guess who Kinsey saw at Target shopping for some amazing discounted items?! If your mouth automatically said Kellie Rasberry, you are right on the money. This is why Kinsey left with a baby and returned home with a purple bouncy ball, and a pack of Ho Hos. Why? Because Emma Kelly decided to shop with Kinsey instead of staying with her mommy, and she insisted that Kinsey buy her a purple ball and Ho Hos so that she could have those things at our house when she comes over. Oh yeah, Emma Kelly? Guess what? I ate one of your Ho Hos yesterday because Kinsey told me I wasn’t allowed to eat them. Bam!

Speaking of Ho Hos, you know what keeps making my brain thing think lately? I have to drive by strip club row every day on my way home from work. So I am driving past these places around lunch time and they are always packed! Is this when the guys go hit them up so that their wife doesn’t catch them going? Is the food really that good? What do they tell their co-workers when they come back smelling like girl, and covered in glitter? These are all the questions that are running through my mind as I accidentally almost run a red light. Don’t worry, I caught myself. So to all those dudes who go to the strip club to grab a steak and a boob, thank you for helping young women get through law school, medical school, and life. Some, or most, may view you as creepy, but you are heros 🙂