I wish I was more like Kellie. Cheap can be a good thing. Sometimes, convenience just takes over. There is no way that Kellie Rasberry would do what I did yesterday. And I even thought of Kellie while I was doing it. But sometimes, saving time is more important to me than saving money. I pulled up to the gas station yesterday and I was on serious “E.” I knew this gas station was one of the most expensive ones in town. But I was empty. And I made up my mind that I was going to get $10 worth and just make it to the next station. And then just the thought of stopping this once, getting a little gas and then going to another station started to weigh heavily on me. then I got distracted by a hot girl that pulled up next to me. She was HOT! I asked her why we were buying this gas that was $4.48 per gallon. She said she didn’t know either. Then, all of a sudden, talking to the hot girl was way more important than saving 60 cents per gallon. Before I knew it, I had purchased $100 worth of this “Gold filled” gasoline. And my tank wasn’t even full. And the girl drove off into the sunset without even as much of a “see yak.” I bet she went to the cheap station.

I knew it was going to be a long process but I had to do it somehow. I’m talking about checking the 300 lottery tickets that I bought a few weeks ago when the mega millions was $600 million dollars. going through life without trusting anyone is a serious beating. I trusted the dude that I let run the lottery tickets while I wasn’t there. Surely I would have $3 on one of the tickets, right? wrong. I went back yesterday and he said did you get my text? Nope. I sure didn’t. he said he sent me a text on his new i-phone but maybe he didn’t do it right since he just got it. meanwhile, he said all of the tickets were duds. Not one winner…Really, dude??? Not one? out of 300 tickets, not one winner of the smallest prize amount? Ugh, he had all of the tickets in a small brown paper bag waiting for me. and I’m sure it’s a coincidence that he just bought a brand new Iphone that same day