December 11th

Psycho Shanon posted an update on her blog today. Here’s a highlight:

“Life is very weird and hard for me right now. I’m not handling this patience thing well. At all. I’m very frustrated. My surgery was a 100% success. But I’m on meds that have weird side effects. And I’m having migraines and having a hard time keeping food down and my vision is blurry and my coordination is pretty horrid. Luckily, I have a walker, so I can walk and not fall over. I’m not driving. I can barely get through the house without walking into a wall or tripping over my feet, so just be grateful I’m not on the road. There is no risk of seizures, but with my dizziness and nausea and other stuff, I just have no business taking a cross country road trip right now. And, unfortunately, I have no business going to see my sister in Maui over Christmas. That one sucks pretty bad.”

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December 3rd

Psycho Shanon was interviewed after being readmitted into the hospital. There was some swelling the doctor was concerned about and he just wanted to keep a close eye on it to make sure there’s no chance of infection. Watch her interview below!

November 20th

Psycho Shanon was interviewed and shares how grateful she is for all the support. The Kidd’s Kids Trip is at the top of her mind and she hopes to feel well enough to make it to the send-off. Watch her interview below!

November 18th

Shanon is home from the hospital! She’s tired and still struggling with a migraine. Please keep Psycho Shanon in your thoughts and prayers.


November 15th

Shanon just got back in her hospital bed, fresh from doing an extremely slow lap around the hospital floor. She’s not sure how she feels about it, but I’m digging her new haircut. They let her keep her hair that was shaved off for the surgery, but when she asked the doctor if she could keep the tumor in a jar, he said no. She’s about to show me a picture of it, instead. They removed her tumor but they left her sense of humor! She’s so disappointed that she’s not going on the Kidd’s Kids trip, so please keep her lifted up in your prayers as she continues to heal! – Kellie

Shanon’s New Do



November 14th

Shanon was awake after surgery on Monday and Tuesday she was walking around. She is still in ICU but the good news is they were able to remove 99% of the tumor. Shanon says it feels like a bad migraine and has sensitivity to light. Continue praying for a quick recovery.

Shanon in hospital with Woody



November 8th

Shanon is scheduled for surgery Monday morning and hopes to recover fast enough to make it to the Kidd’s Kids Trip send off. Please continue praying for Psycho Shanon.


October 28th

Shanon turns to her radio family to make a serious medical announcement. Please join us in praying for our friend Psycho Shanon. Post your thoughts and prayers on Facebook and/or Twitter.