Andy Taylor is to undergo nuclear therapy… Cher’s gelato brand… Ken options that didn’t happen… Tori Kelly in hospital after collapsing… and Irina Shayk spends night Tom Brady

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When Duran Duran was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, former guitarist Andy Taylor wasn’t there. It was revealed that he’d been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer. He was told it was incurable and he didn’t have long to live. Andy didn’t just accept that as his fate. He has now revealed that he is about to under a groundbreaking nuclear therapy, which he said only became available in the UK recently and is “very, very new.” He explained, “Essentially it’s a nuclear medicine. It’s put into your body and it detects the cancer on the outside of the cells and it only hits cancer cells in your bones, which is mainly where it is with me, and zaps them. But if there’s a healthy cell next to it, it doesn’t touch it. So it’s not curative, but it can knock out and then it’s got to start again.” So basically, Andy said this treatment could get him back to “full fitness” for five years, and then the cancer cells will start to grow again.

Cherlato is about to be a thing. Cher posted a video on her Instagram of this bright orange and pink ice cream truck covered with photos of her holding up an ice cream cone to her lips. Not licking it. That would be weird. The name “Cherlato” is on the side of the truck, and Cher captioned it, “Yep, This Is Real…. I’m Launching My Gelato….Watch Out LA‼️ All Started 5 Years Ago And Now It’s Finally HAPPENING 💃 More To Come….” Cher teamed up with a New Zealand-based ice cream company called Giapo to bring her gelato vision to life. The official Cherlato IG shows some of the cones and cups they’ll be selling and they look gorgeous. This will initially be in the LA area but hopefully, we’ll all be able to enjoy Cherlato sometime soon!

Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu and Kingsley Ben-Adir all pay different version of Ken in “Barbie.” Now the movie’s casting directors are revealing a few actors who were all about playing Ken, but had to bow out because they couldn’t commit to spending 3 months filming in London. They included SNL’s Bowen Yang, Dan Levy from Poop’s Creek, and Dear Evan Hansen’s Ben Platt! The casting directors said they were all super bummed about it, too. Obviously! If you haven’t seen “Barbie” yet, hopefully this isn’t a spoiler! But Matchbox Twenty’s “Push” is the butt of a joke in the movie. Rob Thomas said he got the call about using the song in the movie and he got the heads up about the song being used as a joke, but he was fine with it.

TMZ says Tori Kelly was having dinner with friends in downtown LA Sunday when she said her heart was beating really fast. Suddenly, Tori passed out and her friends decided they would drive her to Cedars Sinai rather than wait for an ambulance. Doctors discovered clots in Tori’s legs and lungs and immediately placed her in ICU. They’re now reportedly trying to determine if there are any clots around her heart. Sources say it is “really serious.”

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk met at a wedding in Italy a couple months ago, and sparks flew. So despite rumors of hookups with Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski, Tom and Irina are now dating! And sources told the Daily Mail this is NOT just a fling. On Friday Tom was seen picking Irina up at an LA hotel and bringing her back to his house for a sleepover. The next day, he was caught on video stroking Irina’s cheek before he drove her back to her hotel. But later that same day, Tom picked her up again for another sleepover at his house. A source told TMZ that Giselle is “not happy at all” about the photos and videos of Tom and Irina being all over the internet. However, another source says it’s also “helpful to her freedom.”


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