2024 iHeart Radio Music Award

“The Office” spinoff… Shannen Doherty preparing for her own death… Happy Easter from Baby Love… Kelce Jam lineup… and 2024 iHeart Radio Music Award

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May 16, 2013. That was the date the last episode of the US version of The Office aired on NBC. And if you hung in there till the very end, you may remember that Dakota Johnson had a cameo in that final episode. Dakota later revealed NBC stuck her in there because they had plans to spin her character off into a new series. That obviously didn’t happen. Now here we are over a decade later, and one of the producers has announced that he is currently working on a spinoff! It’s in the early stages of development, but Greg Daniels told Variety, “It is not a reboot of The Office but is set in the same universe, meaning it would likely be set in a different office setting with all new characters.”

Back in 2015, Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went into remission in 2017, but two years later, the cancer was back with a vengeance. Shannen was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and last year, she revealed it had spread to her brain and later, her bones. Shannen says she’s still fighting for her life, but she’s also preparing for her death. On her Let’s Be Clear podcast yesterday, Shannen said her priority at the moment is her mom. She doesn’t want to leave her mom with a bunch of STUFF to deal with, so she’s been going through four storage units, selling off or donating everything she’s collected over the years “just in case.” Shannen said she’s learned that all of her belongings don’t bring her as much joy as making memories, so she’s using the extra money to take her mom on vacations. But Shannen said she’s not touching any money in her estate because “that’s going to make sure that everybody in my life is taken care of once I’m dead.”

After Diddy’s homes in LA and Miami were raided by feds and local police, he turned off his Instagram. But the baby he shares with Dana Tran is just too cute not to share! So on Easter Sunday, Diddy’s Instagram was back on. He shared a carousel of photos starring his 17-month-old daughter Love all dressed up in the cutest little outfits, captioning them, “HAPPY EASTER from Baby Love” with a heart emoji. But knowing what would happen if he left the comments on, Diddy turned them off.

Travis Kelce had so much fun at last year’s Kelce Jam, he’s bringing it back. Kelce Jam 2 is happening May 18 in Kansas City, Missouri. Last year’s headliner was Machine Gun Kelly, and just in case you’re hoping Taylor Swift will headline this year, you’ve got to let that go. Taylor will be on tour in Sweden. Travis challenged his fans to like a post 5K times and he’d announce the lineup this week. That took about 2 seconds, so we’re expecting to get the announcement today. Keep checking KelceJam.co for the lineup and ticket information.

The 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards were last night, live from LA. Taylor Swift led with 9 nominations, followed by SZA, Jelly Roll, and 21 Savage with 8. Olivia Rodriguez had 3 nominations. Cher accepted the Icon Award from her good friend Meryl Streep, with Beyoncé accepting her Innovator Award from Stevie Wonder. Both Green Day and TLC received iHeartRadio Landmark Awards. Other big winners included Jelly Roll, who took home Best New Artist in both the Pop and Country categories. SZA won R&B Artist of the Year along with Song of the Year for Kill Bill. Pop Song of the Year went to Miley Cyrus for Flowers while Olivia Rodriguez’s GUTS won for Pop Album. Taylor Swift sent a video message to accept Artist of the Year, in addition to five other awards including Pop Artist of the Year.


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