A Memorial Service Celebrating the Life of Kobe

Netflix feature update… “Friends” reunion special… Demi Lovato’s talk show… “The Bachelorette” speculation… and A memorial service celebrating the life of Kobe

How much do you hate it when you’re browsing for something to watch on Netflix and previews start automatically playing? Well, Netflix has heard you and they are giving you the power to disable that feature. YAYYY!!! Just click on “manage profiles,” choose the profile you want to update and then de-select “auto previews while browsing on all devices.” BOOM. And Netflix is also letting you decide whether or not you want the next episode to automatically start playing. You just de-select “autoplay next episode in a series on all devices.”

HBO Max stole “Friends” from Netflix, but it cost them $425M for a five-year deal. The show will finally be available for streaming again once HBO Max launches in May. People have been begging for a cast reunion and asking each of them about it in EVERY. SINGLE. INTERVIEW. THEY’VE. DONE. SINCE. 2004. Earlier this week, Matthew Perry tweeted , “Big news coming.” Was he teasing us about a reunion??? Or was he just teasing us that he was joining Instagram, because that’s what he did yesterday. We’re not sure, but there is a new report that says a deal has been made that pays each cast member between $3M-$4M. Back in September, the show’s creators said there will never be a reboot or a scripted reunion, so maybe they’re just being paid to do a round-table discussion. Time will tell.

It seems like every day Quibi is announcing another new show for their streaming service that launches in April. Quibi features shows that last only 10 minutes or less, and their plan is to have 3 hours of new content each day. That’s a lot of content!!! Right now, Quibi has more than 50 original shows in the works with huge stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Steven Spielberg, Zac Efron, Kevin Hart, John Travolta, Reese Witherspoon, and ….Demi Lovato! Yesterday, Quibi announced they’ve ordered 10 episodes of Demi’s new talk show called “Pillow Talk.” The show will feature conversations between Demi and her guests, which will be a mix of celebrities and experts, talking about everything from gender identity to activism to social media to wellness.

At the beginning of the season, Peter the Pilot said there’s no way in heck any of us is going to find out who he picks on “The Bachelor.” That made it everyone’s mission to find out who he picks on “The Bachelor.” I don’t know if this counts as a SPOILER ALERT, but fans have found that Peter the Pilot has a private Venmo account, as does Hannah Ann. And they just so happen to be Venmo friends! BUT! there’s also speculation that Hannah Ann will be the next Bachelorette, based on the fact that other than the initial issue with Kelsey over the stolen champagne, she’s been drama free. Plus, Hannah told Peter that she’s never been in love before, which would give her a great story line as the Bachelorette.

Kobe Bryant’s public memorial will be held on February 24 at the Staples Center. The date they chose — 2/24 — is symbolic. The numbers represent the jerseys worn by 13-year-old Gianna and her dad. Ticket information hasn’t been released yet, but due to the size of the venue, sources say entry is expected to be severely restricted.

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