Amber Heard’s domestic violence arrest is slammed by ex

Bristol Palin got married… CMT Music Awards… Ed Sheeran is being sued… Bobby Brown addresses a secret relationship… and Amber Heard’s domestic violence arrest slammed by ex

Bristol Palin called off her wedding to Dakota Meyer just a couple days before they were supposed to walk down the aisle. Right after that,  she found out she was expecting his baby. It was pretty ugly there for a while, but the two of them finally worked out their differences. Not only did they get back together, SURPRISE! They got married! Their daughter Sailor Grace is now 5 months old. Bristol has 7-year-old son Tripp with her ex, Levi Johnston.

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The CMT Music Awards were held last night, rewarding the best country music videos from the past year. Female Video of the Year went to Carrie Underwood for “Smoke Break.” Thomas Rhett won Male Video of the Year for “Die a Happy Man.” Little Big Town keep winning with “Girl Crush.” That took Duo/Group Video of the Year. But the big winner — Video of the Year — went to Tim McGraw for “Humble and Kind.” And congratulations to Big Al’s favorite, Blake Shelton, who won #SocialSuperstar. He said, “CMT’s Social Superstar – that’s not what I was going for, but what the hell! I mean, I like to have a few drinks and get on Twitter every now and then. I didn’t know you could get paid for that.”

Watch the 2016 CMT Music Awards opening skit below.

Ed Sheeran is being sued for $20 million for copyright infringement. According to the legal documents, Ed’s “Photograph” has blatant, glaring similarities to Matt Cardle’s “Amazing,” which was written several years before. The lawsuit points out that the chorus shares 39 identical notes — about 70 percent — in pitch, rhythmic duration and placement in the measure. And to make things worse for Ed, the guys who wrote “Amazing” have hired the same lawyers who won that $7.4 million judgment against Robin Thicke and Pharrell for “Blurred Lines.”

Bobby Brown has written a tell-all book called Every Little Step. In it, he finally addresses those rumors about Whitney Houston’s relationship with her best friend and assistant, Robyn Crawford. He says it’s all true. Whitney did have a relationship with this woman. Bobby says he believes if Whitney’s family would have accepted her relationship with a woman that Whitney would still be alive today. In fact, her mom Cissy insisted Whitney fire Robyn, which caused her great pain. But Bobby says his relationship with Whitney was very real and that she was, in fact, bisexual.

Amber Heard’s ex-girlfriend, Tasya van Ree, says Amber never should’ve been arrested for domestic violence and that the whole incident was blown out of proportion. Back in 2009, Tasya and Amber were at the Seattle airport when — according to Tasya — they had a simple “lovers spat” and Amber grabbed her by the arm. Tasya says she told officers she didn’t want Amber arrested, but once the cops realized the two of them were lesbians, their attitudes changed and they appeared to be homophobic. But arresting Officer Beverly Leonard is insulted by that accusation because she is a proud lesbian. A source close to her says Amber wasn’t arrested because she was gay, she was arrested for breaking the law. The DA never pursued the case because both women lived in California. Meantime, Benicio del Toro has come forward to defend his good friend Johnny Depp. He told the “New York Daily News” that Johnny’s a nice, caring, smart guy. But from what he can tell of Amber, “there’s a lot of trouble from the girl that sounds a little manipulative. It sounds a little bit like there’s something really twisted about that girl, but I don’t know the specifics.” Benicio also questions Amber’s motives, saying, “His mom passed away and she filed for divorce two days later and then she wants money and she’s saying she got hit… I saw them not too long ago… and they were fine.”


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