LeAnn Rimes’ reality show has been canceled… Chad Michael Murray got married… Tiger Woods’ missing tooth… Jonathan Knight joins the The Amazing Race… and American Sniper’s fake baby

I checked Brandi Glanville’s Twitter feed first thing this morning and so far, no comment. But I’m sure she’s gloating big time that LeAnn Rimes’ reality show with Eddie Cibrian has been canceled by VH1. LeAnn hoped LeAnn & Eddie would show us all how in love she and Eddie were and how she’s not a home-wrecker and he’s not a gold-digger and blah blah blah. But after an 8-episode, one-season run, VH1 realized nobody cared about these two so in the words of Bon Qui Qui, “Bye!”

Chad Michael Murray sneaked off and married his Chosen costar Sarah Roemer and — surprise! surprise! — she’s pregnant. Hopefully he’s changed his ways since his first marriage to One Tree Hill costar Sophia Bush. He wasn’t exactly the most faithful husband to her, from what we hear……..

What REALLY happened to Tiger Woods’ missing tooth…His agent claims a videographer accidentally knocked it out at his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn’s ski event on Monday, but race organizers say that is completely untrue. A member of the race organizing committee says security surrounded Tiger the whole time and there was no physical contact with any of the press.

Jonathan Knight and his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez are taking their relationship on the road! They’ve signed up for season 26 of The Amazing Race, which will be the first ever all-dating couples season. Five of the teams have never even met. They’re blind dates!!

The internet is buzzing about the fake baby in American Sniper! In what should be a touching scene showing Chris Kyle holding his baby, all anyone can focus on is the doll Bradley Cooper is cradling. The movie’s screenwriter and executive producer explained that on the day that scene was shot, “Real baby #1 showed up with a fever. Real baby #2 was a no show.” So that meant Fake Baby got the gig!

Check out the fake baby scene below.


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