Shocking “Dancing With the Stars” elimination… “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson arrested… Lifetime TV movie based on “Full House”… Nicki Minaj performed at a bar mitzvah… and Ariana Grande’s obsessed stalker arrested

SPOILER ALERT:  J-Si was SHOCKED by last night’s elimination on “Dancing With the Stars”!! But despite consistently being one of the top scorers, 14-year-old “Hunger Games” actress Willow Shields and her partner Mark Ballas were sent home.

Remember former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson? He was arrested on suspicion of stabbing a guy in the stomach. In fact, the stabbing victim told police he was stabbed by “Hobie.” After the stabbing, Jeremy took off but he was arrested the next day after someone reported a prowler near the scene of the stabbing. He’s now free on bail. Jeremy didn’t deny stabbing the guy to TMZ. He told them that it was all in self-defense. Jeremy claims he was throwing a party when this guy showed up, beat him up and robbed him of $2300. Another guest at the party told Jeremy she could call a friend who would help him get his money back, but when the man showed up, Jeremy says the guy who was supposed to help him tried to rob him, too! He says when the guy pulled out his gun, he pulled out a buck knife from his pants and stabbed him in the stomach and arms. He claims the man dropped his gun and took off. Jeremy says he then went back to the scene the next day to retrieve the stuff he left behind from the party, but apparently had to break in to get them. That’s when the cops were called and police arrested him because — hey! This guy looks like Hobie who stabbed that other guy!

So we know that “Full House” is getting a spinoff series on Netflix called “Fuller House.” Now Lifetime has announced they are making an unauthorized TV movie based on the original show, giving fans an inside look at the cast and all the stuff that went down behind the scenes. Will it be as scandalous as Lifetime’s unauthorized “Saved By the Bell”?? I hope so! And casting is set to begin shortly. One person who’s not as excited about this Lifetime movie is John Stamos, who tweeted, “Full House TV movie on @lifetimetv?? – hmmmm – yeah right, good luck with that.”

Nicki Minaj provided a night of mostly PG-rated entertainment for Matt Murstein’s bar mitzvah at the Pierre Hotel in NYC Saturday night. I don’t know how much it cost, but we can imagine there were a lot of zeros on that check! Nicki sang 7 songs and then did a meet and greet with the party guests. Nicki even posted pictures with Matt and his pubescent buddies on her Instagram. She captioned it, “Get a load of these little hunks I met last night @ the Bar Mitzvah. They were very ummm turnT” (Did Matt’s multi-millionaire financier dad pay extra for Nicki to post proof that this actually happened?) There’s also video of Nicki giving them young’uns some advice. She said, “Get an education. Stay in school. And don’t be a bum. And ladies, never let a man have to take care of you. Do you understand me? Be your own woman. Be your own person.”

Get a load of these little hunks I met last night @ the Bar Mitzvah they were very ummm turnT

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Tim Normandin has one thing on his mind — making Ariana Grande fall in love with him. If only she’d give him a chance! Tim has sent her tons of presents, including a 42 lb. pumpkin, 8 Yankee Candles, an anklet from Kay Jewelers, and cute calendars featuring dogs and cats. What girl wouldn’t love all that! That would be Ariana Grande. Police paid a visit to Mr. Normandin’s home in Massachusetts, warning him to back off or he could face criminal harassment charges. But that only made Mr. Normandin more determined! When Ariana’s “Honeymoon Tour” made it to his home state, he decided it was time to meet her face-to-face. But unfortunately for him, authorities intervened, arresting him for criminal trespassing.


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