Bachelor Ben Higgins may have a girlfriend

Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp’s dinner date… NeNe Leakes front row rage… Drake causes drama… Kardashian/Jenner app recap… and Bachelor Ben Higgins may have a girlfriend

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan spent 3 1/2 years together, but they finally went their separate ways. He took about a year off from dating to get over the loss, but now John’s ready to get back out there and take another swing at love. And who’s the lucky lady going to be this time around? Maybe Christie Brinkley! John and Christie had their first dinner date Monday night in NYC. Christie hasn’t been in a serious relationship since her third marriage ended in 2008. And that’s probably because she was consumed with fighting him in court….

NeNe Leakes and her husband Gregg are famous enough now to score front row seats at Zang Toi’s show during NYFW. But their 16-year-old son Brentt is not. But that didn’t stop the three of them from planting their butts in the front row. When New York Post editor Johnny Oleksinski arrived to claim his seat, Brentt was asked to get up and move, NeNe reportedly flew into a rage. The organizers offered to move Brentt to another front row seat, but NeNe told him to stay right where he was — next to his mama. Eventually, Brentt was relocated.

Drake caused some drama at his rumored girlfriend Serena Williams’ fashion show during NYFW. Drake was sitting front row next to Anna Wintour and sources say that during the show, he seemed to be a bit agitated. Right afterward, he congratulated Serena but then made a beeline for the show’s DJ. Apparently, Drake was upset when his song “Back to Back” played during the show because the edited version was supposed to be used, not the dirty version with all that cussing! The DJ said it wasn’t his fault. He just played what he was given.

You may personally be sick of all things Kardashian/Jenner, but obviously there’s a market out there for these girls. This week, they announced the launch of their individual apps that carry a $2.99 monthly subscription fee. According to, within the first 24 hours of the apps announcement, close to 900K people signed up. And the most popular app? Kylie Jenner’s! She got 74% of the signups. Way back in second place was her big sister Khloe with 11%, followed by Kim with 9% and Kendall with 6%. Apparently, Kourtney’s app wasn’t available yet….or so few people signed up for hers that it didn’t register on the totals board…..

We haven’t even gotten started with Season 20 of “The Bachelor” and there’s already talk that Bachelor Ben Higgins is a fraud! The assumption is that the Bachelor is single and free to be married. But sources told “OK! Magazine” that Ben may have a girlfriend back home in Denver. Her name is Kelly Osborn — not the famous one — and she posted pictures of her and Ben going to see Taylor Swift just last week! Could they just be friends? Sources say they looked more like a couple — flirting and hugging and laughing the entire night.


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