Bill Murray Is Reportedly Dating Kelis

Artists most likely to … Creddie is official… Colleen Ballinger is under fire… Raquel is STILL in mental health facility… and Bill Murray is reportedly now dating Kelis

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A language learning company called Preply conducted a study to find out how artists make their fans feel. To do that, they analyzed more than 200K posts and comments on Reddit to find the top three artists who cause their fans to get all up in their feelings in several different categories.

Most likely to make their fans feel happy: 1. Ed Sheeran 2. U2 3. Blackpink

Least likely to make their fans feel happy: 1. Cardi B 2. Megan Thee Stallion 3. Travis Scott

Most likely to make their fans feel sad: 1. Panic! At the Disco 2. Linkin Park 3. (tie) Metallica and Nirvana

Least likely to make their fans feel sad: 1. Dua Lipa 2. Pink 3. Camila Cabello

Most likely to make their fans feel angry: 1. Cardi B 2. Megan Thee Stallion 3. Kanye

Least likely to make their fans feel angry: 1. Ariana Grande 2. Selena Gomez 3. Katy Perry

Most likely to make their fans feel love: 1. Demi Lovato 2. Katy Perry 3. Dua Lipa

Least likely to make their fans feel love: 1. Drake 2. (tie) Travis Scott and Daft Punk 3. (tie) The Weeknd, Eminem, and Childish Gambino

If you were a fan of “iCarly” back in the day, Freddie always had a thing for Carly, but she wasn’t feeling it and finally had a thing with Sam. But if you always hoped Carly and Freddie would get together, they are FINALLY having their moment. Season 3 of the revived “iCarly” series is now streaming on Paramount+ with new episodes released every Thursday. SPOILER ALERT!!! On last night’s episode, Carly confessed her feelings for Freddie and they kissed! Miranda Cosgrove — who plays Carly — said, “It’s taken 15 years! If it were real life, I could see it actually taking this long because it feels like every time one of them likes the other, it’s not the right moment or it’s not for the right reason…And now it finally is! I think a part of me always hoped that Freddie and Carly would end up together just because it’s so romantic, the idea of knowing somebody ever since you were young, being best friends….” Miranda also hints that the season finale will touch on a big question that people have been asking throughout the series, but I haven’t been watching so I have no idea what that question is.

Colleen Ballenger — the YouTube star famous for her Miranda Sings character — is being accused of grooming by another content creator. Adam McIntyre is now 20, but he claims that when he was only 13, Colleen began a friendship with him, and then “groomed” and “used” him from 2017-2020. Adam tried to come forward with this in 2020, but Colleen’s fans shut him down. But now he’s back with a 90-minute video titled “a special message to the colleen ballinger fandom.” There’s too much to get into here, but among his allegations, Adam accuses Colleen of having highly inappropriate text exchanges with in group chats with her teen fans when she was in her 30s. He provides screen shots from some of the chats. Adam also accuses Colleen of manipulating him into acting as her unpaid intern for four years by promising she would hire him once he graduated college. Adam claims that he came up with several ideas for videos that went viral, and that he also wrote tweets as that character. And Twitter is what did him in. Adam claims Colleen approved a tweet before he posted about a surprise announcement coming up in 30 minutes, promising “ur not reddy.” It included a picture of Miranda Sings with rainbow eye shadow in front of a rainbow screen with a rainbow heart. But instead of coming out as gay — which is what people were expecting — Miranda Sings came out as a Meghan Trainor fan. That did NOT go over well. Adam says yes, it was his idea, but Colleen approved it before he posted it. However, he says she used him as a scapegoat, he confronted her, she cut him off, and he hasn’t heard from her since.

People who’ve never watched a single episode of “Vanderpump Rules” have gotten caught up in the Scandoval drama. The last installment of the 3-part reunion was extremely brutal for Raquel, who betrayed her best friend Ariana by sleeping with her boyfriend Tom Sandoval for months before the poop hit the fan. Raquel sat emotionless as Ariana, Lala, James and Katie dog-piled her. Ariana told Raquel she was “diabolical, demented, subhuman” and wished that the worst thing that could ever happen to a person would happen to her. Raquel not only took it, she agreed with her on a lot of it. And after her final one-on-one interview where she came clean about Tom coaching her to lie about their relationship timeline, Raquel checked into a mental health facility where she remains 68 DAYS AFTER FILMING. Meantime, the tide is turning a little for Raquel on social media. While many viewers loved seeing her fellow cast members eviscerate Raquel, others were horrified by how dark things got. And now there’s a small but growing online community for #TeamRaquel. Meantime, Hulu has announced a new 10-episode series called “Vanderpump Villa.” It’s sort of like if “Vanderpump Rules” and “Below Deck” had a baby. This new series will follow the staff of Lisa Vanderpump’s luxury French villa as they work for their rich guests. And in more Hulu news, they ordered 20 more episodes of “The Kardashians” on top of renewing them for Season 3. And Season 3 of “The D’Amelio Show” is coming in September.

Not one person in the world would’ve predicted this, but 72-year-old Bill Murray reportedly is dating 43-year-old Kelis. Yes, THAT Kelis, whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! Bill was spotted watching Kelis perform at a London music festival last weekend, and they’re reportedly staying at the same hotel. But “The US Sun” said the two of them actually met in the US and hit it off before hooking up again in London. A source said, “They’ve also both shared relatively recent bereavements and have that common bond between them.” Kelis lost her second husband Mike Mora to stomach cancer in March 2022, and Bill’s second wife, whom he divorced in 2008, died suddenly in 2021. Maybe that’s the connection? The source isn’t sure, but added, “Whatever it is that has brought them together, and however unlikely it seems, they are both single and are having fun despite the fairly big age gap.”


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