A Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie… Colton Underwood’s Netflix series… Stranger Things 4 will be next year… Harry wrote a letter to Charles before funeral… and Billie Eilish cozies up to actor Matthew Tyler Vorce

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“Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots” is being turned into a movie, starring the one and only Vin Diesel. The movie is about “a father and son who form an unlikely bond with an advanced war machine.” No word on release date. Mattel — who owns “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots” — is also working on live-action adaptations of Barbie, Barney, Hot Wheels, and Magic 8 Ball. Also, there’s a game show based on the “Guess Who?” board game in the works at NBC. The original board game has each player choosing a mystery character and then, using yes-or-no questions, they try to figure out the identity of the other players’ mystery characters. In the game show version, “contestants make snap judgements based on intuition and clues in an effort to win cash prizes.”

Colton Underwood finally shares his truth and now people are trying to cancel him. Or – I should say – they’re trying to cancel his upcoming Netflix documentary. The day he came out on “Good Morning America,” paparazzi caught Colton being followed by a camera crew filming this documentary about his first days and weeks living life as a gay man. But a new petition on Change.org says regardless of Colton’s sexuality, he shouldn’t have been given a reality show after the way he treated his ex-girlfriend Cassie. The two of them broke up last spring, but in September Cassie filed for a restraining order against Colton, claiming that he was stalking her, showing up at her parents’ house at all hours of the day and night, and placing a tracking device on her car. A few months later, the two of them came to an agreement and she dropped the order. But the petition says, “Cassie is a victim of Colton’s abuse, and he doesn’t deserve a platform in any way . . . as a result of his abusive, manipulative, and dangerous behavior.” Netflix hasn’t responded.

During a Fanmio video call, somebody asked Finn Wolfhard when we can expect Season 4 of “Stranger Things,” and he replied, “Season four should be out some time next year hopefully.” What??? That interview was posted on a “Stranger Things” fan account on Twitter and those people are livid. Season 3 was released way back on July 4, 2019, and fans were expecting Season 4 to debut this spring. What I didn’t know is that producers like to release the show in the exact same season we’re experiencing in real time. And since Season 4 is in the spring and Finn said sometime next year HOPEFULLY, they’re thinking, “We have to wait until 2022??!!” One person wrote, “I’m losing interest. I understand there’s a pandemic we’ve just had but we’ve barely had anything news related in the last year not even episode titles or some form of teaser besides Hopper being alive.”

In his interview with Oprah, Prince Harry said he and his father Prince Charles weren’t communicating at all. A source told “The Mirror” that Harry has been “forced to write letters” due to this “complete communication breakdown.” So before Harry flew to London for his grandfather’s funeral, Harry reportedly wrote his father a “deeply personal” letter reasserting his reasons for leaving the UK while promising to “respect the institution” of the monarchy. After Prince Philip’s funeral, several UK outlets reported that Harry met with his father and brother Prince William. Because he felt outnumbered, Harry requested the meeting take place at Frogmore Cottage, which is where he and Meghan lived after they were married, so it felt like “home turf.” But a source told “Daily Mail Online” that Harry insisted on meeting with his father and brother at the same time, so nothing could be misconstrued or miscommunicated in the future. Things aren’t back to normal, but a source said this is the first of many “baby steps” toward reconciliation.

Billie Eilish was photographed on a coffee and dog-walking date with Matthew Tyler Force, who may or may not be her new boyfriend. We just have to assume because Billie isn’t commenting. As soon as these photographs hit the gossip sites, Matthew made his Instagram private. Going by @CorduroyGraham, Matthew’s bio describes him as “Actor. Writer. Degenerate. Los Angeles.” He also has a link to a podcast called “Searching for Putty Man.” On his IMDB page, it looks like Matthew’s last acting gig was from the 2016 Tori Spelling Lifetime movie, “Mother May I Sleep with Danger?” But you can check out his demo reels and see his wide range of emotions and honestly, I don’t know why he’s not doing more because he’s cute and he can cry on cue.


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