Blake Shelton Gives Free Tickets To Fan Who Crashed Bike

Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman are dating… Ed Sheeran tweeted blue… Lamar Odom goes to rehab… Kanye West’s medical team… and Blake Shelton gives free tickets to fan who crashed bike

It all started with a simple tweet. NFL free agent Colton Underwood thought Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman was super cute, so back in August he tweeted a video asking Aly on a double date with his buddy Andrew East, who is married to retired gymnast Shawn Johnson. Turns out, Shawn had been building Colton up to Aly and she was open to the idea, tweeting back “Looking forward to meeting you.” Right after that, as luck would have it, Colton and Aly both ended up in Denver and managed to get together. They’ve been together ever since! The two of them made it red carpet official at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards Monday night in LA.

Last December, Ed Sheeran announced he was taking a break from social media, posting, “To my family and friends, if you love me you will understand me buggering off for a bit……See you all next autumn, and thank you for being amazing.” One year to the minute of that tweet, out of the blue Ed tweeted blue. Literally. It’s on his Instagram, too. Just blue. We don’t know what it means. Maybe it’s a clue about his new music. Maybe it’s just his mood. Maybe his girlfriend is pregnant and expecting a boy. The possibilities are endless!

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It’s been over a year since Lamar Odom almost lost his life after over-dosing at a brothel, but he has finally realized that he needs professional help. Lamar Odom reportedly checked himself into a rehab facility in San Diego over the weekend. His divorce from Khloe Kardashian becomes official this Saturday.

Kanye West popped up in New York City yesterday with none of his family in sight. TMZ has learned that he flew there on a private plane with members of his West Coast medical team to establish a medical team on the East Coast. His goal is to have people on both sides of the country who will keep him stabilized on his medications so he doesn’t end up back in the psychiatric ward. Kanye has been receiving round-the-clock medical attention since being released from the hospital a couple weeks ago.

Sometimes a social media campaign works! Jonathan Daniels bought a couple tickets to Blake Shelton’s concert back in October for his girlfriend’s birthday. But the day after he bought the tickets, Jonathan was in a motorcycle accident that left him hospitalized for 15 days with two collapsed lungs, bleeding on the brain, a lacerated liver, kidney and spleen. Needless to say, they missed the concert. So a social media campaign began, with Jonathan begging Blake for another pair of tickets to make up for his girlfriend’s birthday. It worked! Blake posted a video saying Jonathan and his girlfriend can have two tickets to any show of his they choose, adding, “motorcycles are very dangerous.”


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