No Evidence That Brad Pitt Was Physically Abusive

Erin Andrews misses DWTS… Tara Reid is really tired… Hope for Children Gala canceled… Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s compound… and No evidence that Brad Pitt was physically abusive

You have a lot of choices on TV tonight — the presidential debate, football, “The Voice,” “Dancing With the Stars”…..But if you go with dancing, you’ll be watching Tom Bergeron host all by himself. Erin Andrews is taking tonight off to be with her hockey player boyfriend Jarret Stoll, who just lost his nephew. Someone will fill in for Erin on tomorrow night’s live results show, but they haven’t announced yet who that will be.

Tara Reid is either a hot mess or really, really tired. She missed her flight from Philadelphia to LA on Saturday because she was too busy drinking in the airport bar. A witness told Page Six that Tara was “beyond tipsy” and was sharing an egg sandwich with another customer when her flight took off. Her rep explained that Tara wasn’t tipsy, she was exhausted from filming the movie “Worthless.” She managed to hop on the next fight out.

Andy Cohen was all set to host with Lady Gaga performing at Samsung’s Hope for Children Gala. But the day before the event, Samsung canceled the whole thing “to fully focus on (their) current business environment.” Samsung is dealing with a PR nightmare after being forced to recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones because of the danger of exploding lithium-ion batteries. Samsung will eat the costs of the venue rental, Lady Gaga’s fee, the catering, the security….EVERYTHING! And they’ll refund all of the tickets, which were $4500 each.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought their house in Hidden Hills back n 2014 for $20 million. They’ve been renovating it ever since, but they’re now months away from moving in. And once they move in, they never have to leave again unless they want to! According to TMZ, they now have a 2-story playroom for the kids, a gymnasium, a basketball court, a hair salon, a full spa, a music studio, and a full-size movie theater complete with a Dolby sound system.

TMZ is reporting that LA-based child-welfare workers found no evidence that Brad Pitt was physically abusive to his oldest son, Maddox. In her divorce filing, Angelina Jolie asked for sole physical custody of their six children, but Brad is going to fight her for joint custody. In the meantime, she’s hiding out with the kids in a $12 million beachfront rental in Malibu.


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