Britney Spears Announces New Project

Watching the Oscar nominations… Kyle Richards & Morgan Wade delete snaps together… You can search Taylor Swift again… Nicki Minaj’s fans… and Britney Spears announces new project titled ‘SEX N DIAMONDS,’ dropping soon

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If you want to cram in as many of the 10 Best Picture nominees before the Oscars are handed out on March 10, you can actually stream most of them from home. Anatomy of a Fall is now available for digital purchase or rental. Barbie is streaming on Max. You can watch Killers of the Flower Moon on Apple TV+. And Maestro is available on Netflix. If you have Peacock, you can now stream The Holdovers, and starting Feb. 16, you will also be able to stream Oppenheimer. But if you want to see Poor Things, American Fiction or The Zone of Interest, you’re going to have to find it in a theater near you.

On this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we’ve seen cracks in the 27-year marriage of Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky and Kyle giggling like a love-smitten school girl whenever country music Morgan Wade came around. Kyle insists she and Mo aren’t getting divorced, but a lot of people assume that’s because there’s too much money involved. But yesterday, fans noticed that Morgan deleted all over her pictures with Kyle. The only two she left up are promoting her upcoming spring tour and Alanis Morissette’s summer tour, which features Morgan and Joan Jett as her opening acts. Meantime, it looks like Kyle deleted her most recent pictures of Morgan, but there are still plenty up there dating back to January of 2023. So what’s up? Was Kyle using Morgan as a storyline, and now that they’ve wrapped filming the Real Housewives reunion episodes, she doesn’t need her any more? Or is Morgan sick and tired of being a secret lover?

X — fka, Twitter — has restored searches for Taylor Swift. After AI-generated, X-rated photos of Taylor circulated all over the platform, X banned searches of Taylor Swift. If you tried, you’d get an error message telling you to try and again, “Don’t fret — It’s not your fault.” However, some people said they got around that by typing quotation marks around Taylor’s name. But now the head of business operations at X has released a statement saying, “Sears has been re-enabled and we will continue to be vigilant for any attempt to spread this content and will remove it if we find it.”

The feud between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj keeps getting uglier. In her new song Diss, Megan rapped a lyric rapped about Megan’s Law, which Nicki took personally because her husband is a convicted sex offender. Nicki responded on X, posting, “Y’all wanna bring up family members???!! And lying on your dead mother?!?!!” That was a swipe at Megan, whose mother, Holly Thomas, passed away from brain cancer in March of 2019. Nicki went on to say, “You better conjure up your mother and apologize.” And then she released her single Big Foot, taking one more shot at Megan’s dead mother. Megan has yet to respond. However, Nicki’s fans are taking this feud to the next level. Some of her fans doxxed the location of Holly’s gravesite and encouraged fellow Barbs to vandalize her grave. Local authorities are aware of the situation and the cemetery has increased security at their facility.

Britney Spears posted a simple image of some flowers with the caption, “Tease for new project coming up soon (devil emoji) !!! SEX N DIAMONDS !!! PS Swipe to see diamonds!!!” And when we do, we get Britney grinding and writhing in a nude bodysuit covered in crystals and big doilies covering her breasts. So what does all this mean? While her fans are hoping for new music, earlier this month Britney vowed that she would never return to the music industry, even though she continues to write songs for other artists. We’ll keep watching her IG for more updates.


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