Britney Spears Promises Vol. 2 Of Her Memoir

Twitter/X is reportedly worth $19 billion… Heidi Klum’s Halloween party… Travis Barker reveals baby’s name… Sophie Turner sharing a kiss… and Britney Spears Promises Vol. 2 Of Her Memoir

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It’s been a year since Elon Musk paid $44B to buy Twitter, admitting he was “obviously overpaying” for it. He was right. This week, Fortune reported that employees who are eligible for stock grants of the recently renamed X were told the company is now valued at $19B. When Elon bought Twitter, he started trimming the fat, ultimately reducing the number of employees by 80 percent. He also started charging $8/month for X Premium subscribers and launched a test to charge users just $1/year to post, which Elon says is necessary to fight bots. But since Elon took over, X’s monthly active users have decreased by an estimated 15 percent and advertising revenue is down as much as 60 percent. Elon is still forging ahead with his plans for X, which he sees as an “everything app” that’s capable of processing payments and eventually managing a user’s entire financial life.

The minute one Halloween is over, Heidi Klum starts dreaming about what she’ll do next. And this year, she got us all hyped up when she told us they were shutting down streets in NYC to accommodate this year’s elaborate costume. And last night, after much anticipation, Heidi showed up as a peacock. Her makeup artist used prosthetics on her face and neck and then she zipped up a blue velvet bodysuit reminiscent of Mystique in the X-Men movies. Surrounding her were dancers from Cirque du Soleil who dressed up as Heidi’s feathers and danced and posed around her. Last year, Heidi dressed as a giant worm and had her husband Tom Kaulitz dress up as a fisherman, who had hooked her as bait. This year, she had Tom dress up as a giant peacock egg.

Back in September, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker celebrated the pending arrival of their son with a huge Disneyland-themed baby shower. As part of the decor, there was a giant wishing tree. Guests were asked to fill out cards saying what they wished for the baby and hang them from the branches. Kourtney loved it so much, she posted a video on her Instagram Story. If you looked really closely as she panned by, hanging from the tree was a handwritten note wishing, “May Baby Rocky have a life filled with love.” Once Kourtney noticed, the video was deleted. But while appearing on Toby Morse’s podcast, Travis confirmed that IS the baby’s name. Travis said Blink-182 was supposed to do a benefit concert in Hawaii, but “it’s the week that Rocky’s due.” Toby then said, “Rocky Thirteen Barker,” and Travis repeated it, “Rocky Thirteen Barker.” Travis said Rocky’s due date was Halloween, so they’re expecting him to arrive any minute now.

Sophie Turner is single and ready to mingle! “The UK Sun” caught pictures of her making out with a man they call “Britain’s most eligible bachelor” — Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson, who goes by Perry. Perry is heir to the 4th Viscount Cowdray and he is LOADED. About the same time Joe Jonas was filing for divorce from Sophie, Perry ended his 3-year relationship with Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece, who happens to be King Charles’ goddaughter. Sophie and Perry aren’t hiding in the shadows. They were kissing in broad daylight, right there on the street in Paris for everyone to see, while Joe was back in NYC taking their daughters trick-or-treating. He dressed up as a prince and pushed 3-year-old Willa and 15-month-old Delphine through West Village in a wagon that wa decorated like a princess carriage.

Is there anything left for Justin Timberlake to be worried about? Britney Spears obviously has more to say! After the huge success of “The Woman in Me,” Britney posted a video of a man hitting a drum with a gavel-type instrument, captioning it, “Humor is the cure to everything!!! Play on!!! Volume 2 will be released next year…get ready!” However, sources told “Variety” that there is no Volume 2. Meantime, Matthew Perry’s memoir has seen a huge resurgence in sales. Almost a year after its release, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing” has overtaken Britney’s memoir as the number one selling book in the US and the UK.


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