Britney Spears’ secret stay in Malibu rehab

Van Halen going on tour… Josh Groban and Kat Dennings PERFECT for each other… Kelly Osbourne reveals she carries the BRCA1 gene… John Hamm finished up 30 days in rehab… and Britney Spears’ secret stay in Malibu rehab

Van Halen fans are super excited this morning because the band announced they are going on tour to support their new album this summer. Not only that, the band — with David Lee Roth back as the frontman — will shut down Hollywood Boulevard on March 30 and 31 as part of a two-night special on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Their new album goes on sale March 31.

Josh Groban and Kat Dennings have been dating less than a year, but their friends say they’re PERFECT for each other….because they’re both jerks. Those who’ve known Josh since high school say he’s been stuck up since way back and Kat is just plain rude for no particular reason. Word is on the set of “Two Broke Girls,” everyone despises her.

Kelly Osbourne revealed on “The Talk” yesterday that, just like Angelina Jolie, she carries the BRCA1 gene that puts her at high risk for both breast and ovarian cancers. She said, “My mom made all of us go and get tested after she found out she had it and got her double mastectomy.” Kelly said she knows that one day she’ll have to have a double mastectomy, as well. She said, “If I have children, I want to be there to bring them up.”

John Hamm has just finished up 30 days in rehab at the Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, CT. Just like his “Mad Men” character, John had a problem with handling his drink, so he got the help he felt he needed. The second half of the final season of AMC’s “Mad Men” premieres on April 5.

“Star” magazine is reporting that Britney Spears secretly checked into rehab last year because her conservator father believed she was misusing her prescription to Vyvanse. Reportedly, Britney was prescribed the drug to deal with her ADHD, but she began taking more than her prescribed dosage to give her energy. So at her father’s strong suggestion, Britney checked into Summit Malibu under the name “Jessica.” Another patient claiming to have stayed there the same time Britney was being treated sold the story to “Star.”


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