Brittany Mahomes Named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie

Alec Baldwin update… Nashville bars… Walter Payton Man of the Year… Zayn Malik exposed… and Brittany Mahomes named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie

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On August 6, Alec Baldwin will finally go to trial for the 2021 shooting death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Back in January of last year, Alec was charged with involuntary manslaughter, but those charges were dropped three month later. Then in January of this year, Alec was indicted on new charges of involuntary manslaughter or voluntary manslaughter. He has entered a plea of not guilty, and his last day to submit a request to change his plea is July 22. While he awaits trial, Alec is not allowed to talk about the shooting, but he is permitted to promote the movie Rust. He’s also not allowed to possess a firearm or dangerous weapon, he can’t consume drugs or alcohol, and he can’t leave the country without written permission from the court. If he doesn’t accept a plea deal and this case goes to trial, Alec faces up to 18 months in prison.

Nashville is not only the Bachelorette Party Capital, it is now the 6th most popular place in the world to elope! So if you plan on spending a weekend hitting up bars on and off Broadway, you may see a lot of wasted women or blissful newlyweds stumbling in and out of bars and restaurants, which are pretty much all owned by celebrities now. I just did a quick search and there are seriously too many to name, but among them you’ve got the recently opened Friends in Low Places, a massive honkey tonk owned by Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton’s Old Red, Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, Kid Rock’s Big A** Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse, Luke Bryan’s Luke’s 32 Bridge….Justin Timberlake is co-owner of The Twelve Thirty Club, which features a supper club, rooftop bar, honky tonk and private membership club. I just found out that Gavin Degraw and his brother own National Underground…and coming this spring JBJ’s Nashville, owned by none other than Jon Bon Jovi! This will be the tallest and second largest bar on Lower Broadway. Just like Kid Rock’s place, JBJ’s will have five stories. I guess JBJ’s has higher ceilings…..

It was a whirlwind 24 hour. Prince Harry flew across the pond, spent about 30 minutes visiting his cancer-stricken father King Charles, and then flew back home to California. I can only imagine the jet lag! But Harry must’ve taken a power nap because he had the energy to make a surprise appearance at the annual NFL Honors even last night in Vegas, where he presented the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award to Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Hayward. Cameron was honored for his work with The Hayward House, which he founded in 2015. His charity’s focus is helping children fighting hunger, illiteracy and cancer, as well as supporting students and teachers.

TikToker Sam Fisher posted a 4-part tell-all about her alleged fling with Zayn Malik. Sam claims the two of them first connected on Tinder, and their conversations eventually moved over to Instagram DMs and then texts. When they finally — and allegedly — met in person, Sam said she “figured it’d probably be a one and done thing, but it continued…probably longer than it should have.” Sam said Zayn would message her every few weeks, and she posted screenshots of his shirtless selfies to back up her story. But she said things took a turn when she told Zayn that her last relationship had been with a woman. Sam said Zayn became obsessed with having a threesome, asking about 40 times for her to set something up with a woman of her choice. There was only one condition — Sam couldn’t tell the other woman that Zayn would be the man joining them. Sam then claims she found a willing participant, but for whatever reason Sam changed her mind and backed out. That’s when she said Zayn lost his mind and spewed all this rage toward her. She’s getting mixed reactions in the comments for sharing this story. So far, Zayn hasn’t commented.

Brittany Mahomes was so excited to make her first appearance in the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit issue. But, being the polarizing woman she is, she’s getting a lot of love and hate online. Brittany posted a little sneak-peak of her photo shoot in her IG Story yesterday, captioning it, “I’m here to tell you. People will dislike you. People will love you. Don’t let any of that define you. KEEP SHINING and being YOU.” Brittany is getting a lot of love from fellow WAG Kelly Stafford, who’s married to Matthew Stafford of Lions QB Matthew Stafford. She posted a carousel that began with a STUNNING photo from Brittany’s photo shoot, followed by this message of support: “People can bring up past mistakes she has made (since they are so perfect), people can say she only got this because she is a wife of someone. Yes, she is…she might have been handed a platform but she has chosen to make the most of it and I feel most of us would do the same if they had the courage to do so. Courage? Yes. She knows she will get hate for zero reason, but she’s choosing to live for herself and that is inspiring. In a world where people think that @nfl spouses do nothing, can’t have opinions, are annoying, sit on our butts all day thinking of ways to put our foot in our mouths on social media (well they are half right Nobu that one…with me at least *crying laughing emoji*) But coming from someone who struggles with those stereotypes … I love seeing the confidence of sticking to your and quieting the noise. You are giving courage to others to do the same. So girl, keep doing you.” Kelly then showed love to other WAGs, including LeBron James’ wife Savannah, who founded a mentoring program for young girls, and Kristin Juszczyk, who landed an NFL-licensing agreement after deconstructing jerseys and turning them into jackets for Brittany and Taylor Swift. She’s donating all of the proceeds to the national Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of her late mother. Like Brittany, Kelly got both love and hate in the comments. But as one Brittany defender posted, she has done a lot of work to create “a safe place for women to play soccer,” adding that she “uses her platform to promote life saving medicine for kids with allergies also her and pat donate to multiple charities, also has their own charities for sick kids.”


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