Bruce Jenner calls cops on paparazzi

Derek Hough injured his foot during rehearsal… Mila Kunis is being sued… Lindsay Lohan’s failed inspirational message… Amy Schumer is red carpet roadkill… and Bruce Jenner calls cops on paparazzi

Derek Hough left the “Dancing With the Stars” set Monday and went straight to the emergency room. A rep for the show says Derek injured his foot rehearsing for DWTS’ 10th anniversary special, but wouldn’t say how bad the injury is. Derek did post a picture of both of his feet in soft casts, captioning it, “Just getting home from the hospital. Not the best news. I’m in utter disbelief.” That has since been deleted.

Mila Kunis is being sued by one of her childhood friends from the Ukraine over a stolen chicken. Kristina Karo claims that a then 7-year-old Mila was very envious of her pet chicken, Doggie, and stole it from her. Now, 25 years later, Ms. Karo has relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing a singing career, and being this close to Mila stirred up all these old emotions from her childhood. She said she was so traumatized over memories of her stolen chicken that she had to see a therapist. And now she’s suing Mila for $5000 to cover her emotional distress and therapy bills.

Lindsay Lohan was coming from a good place! She MEANT to send an inspirational message in Arabic, even captioning it, “You’re beautiful” because that’s what she THOUGHT she was trying to say. But what Lindsay accidentally posted was “You’re a donkey” in Arabic, only it was the more vulgar term for a donkey.

Last night’s Time 100 Gala in NYC was a high-brow affair, so Amy Schumer decided to lighten the mood a little on the red carpet. She said she saw Kim and Kanye walking the red carpet just ahead of her and asked her publicist, “Can I pretend to fall?” The publicist said, “I can’t stop you,” and Amy proceeded to fall out right next to Kim and Kanye, who failed to see the humor in the stunt and just kept on walking.

Bruce Jenner called 911 when he noticed paparazzi with illegal telephoto lenses taking pictures of him from a hillside near his home in Malibu. The pictures were later sold the “New York Daily News.” TMZ is reporting that officers are trying to hunt down the photographers. Meantime, Bruce could potentially get a restraining order or sue the photographers, if officers can track them down.


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