Michael Jackson lawsuit update… Lindsey Buckingham must listen to our show… It’s a girl for Patrick Mahomes… Shonda Rhimes left after snub… and Carrie Underwood feels so loved

When “Leaving Neverland” came out, people took sides. Did you believe Michael Jackson sexually abused James Safechuck and Wade Robson when they were children or not? It was in the news every day, but then nothing. Earlier this year, James sued Michael’s companies after a new law extended the statute of limitations for alleged victims. James argued that Michael’s companies had a legal obligation to supervise Michael’s behavior. But this week, a judge ruled that since Michael was the boss of the companies, his subordinates didn’t have the power to supervise him and threw the lawsuit out. James plans to appeal. Wade’s case against Michael’s companies will go to trial next summer, which they hope to film for a “Leaving Neverland” sequel. However, Michael’s companies are trying to get a judge to ban cameras from filming in the courtroom.

Apparently, Lindsey Buckingham listens to the Showbiz Top 5 because I was just asking yesterday where his TikTok video was and he has now delivered. Like Stevie Nicks choosing skates over a skateboard, Lindsey put his own spin on it. While he’s still drinking Ocean Spray cranberry while listening to “Dreams,” he’s riding horses with his daughters. By the way, Lindsey was fired from Fleetwood Mac a couple years ago, so it’s kinda cool that he even bothered to do this. But we’re still waiting to hear from Christine McVie.

#GirlDad. Patrick Mahomes finally gets to use that hashtag because he and his fiancée Brittany Matthews are having a girl! For their gender reveal, the couple stood facing a big pink and blue balloon wall as their dogs walked toward them on a white runner. When Patrick and Brittany turned around, they saw the pink paw prints the dogs had left behind. Then they fired off the pink confetti and a friend presented them with a Baby Daddy tee and a Baby Mama denim jacket.

In her interview with the “Hollywood Reporter,” Shonda Rhimes explains what finally made her leave ABC for Netflix. There was a lot of stuff building up to that decision-making moment, but the final straw as over a free pass to Disneyland. As part of her contract with ABC, Shonda negotiated an all-inclusive pass for her and her nanny so they could take Shonda’s daughter to the amusement park whenever she wanted to go. The pass was not interchangeable. So when Shonda’s sister needed to take her niece to Disneyland, Shonda says she went back and forth with ABC over getting one more pass. The pass would have cost Shonda $154, but it wasn’t about the money. It was the PRINCIPLE of the thing. Finally, the network relented, but when Shonda’s sister and daughter arrived at the park, IT DIDN’T WORK. Shonda then got on the phone with one of the big bosses who asked her, “Don’t you have enough?” That did it. She called her lawyer and asked, “Can I go to Netflix?” And she ended up signing a deal worth a reported $150M.

At last night’s CMT Music Awards, Carrie Underwood scored her eighth Video of the Year Award for “Drinking Alone,” which set a record for that category. Carrie also won for Female Video of the Year and with now 22 CMTs, she’s continued her streak of being the winningest artist in CMT history! Luke Bryan’s “One Margarita” won for Male Video of the Year. Group Video went to Old Dominion for “One Man Band” while Dan + Shay’s “I Should Probably Go to Bed” won for Duo Video of the Year. And congratulations to Gabby Barrett for her Breakthrough Video of the Year win for “I Hope,” which was presented to her by Taylor Swift!

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