Charlie Sheen has been secretly battling HIV

Kendrick Lamar crashes a wedding… Kim and Kanye bring daughter to visit Lamar Odom… Ronda Rousey has haters… Gwen and Blake’s behavior on “The Voice”… and Charlie Sheen has been secretly battling HIV

So you’re at a wedding reception, getting your groove on to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” when a group of uninvited people crash the dance floor and start partying with you. What would you do? Well, one older  wedding guest got in their faces and tried to toss them out of the party……until somebody realized it was Kendrick Lamar and his buddies.

Kim and Kanye brought their daughter Nori up to the hospital to see Lamar Odom this weekend, staying for a 3-hour visit. It was the first time Kanye has seen Lamar since he almost died at a brothel outside Vegas over a month ago. TMZ is reporting that doctors hoped seeing Kanye would jog Lamar’s memory, but it didn’t trigger anything. Lamar reportedly has been having trouble recognizing loved ones and doctors are afraid he’s suffered permanent brain damage.

Ronda Rousey trashed Holly Holm, calling her a “fake humility b*tch.” Fake or not, Holly is asking all the Ronda haters to back off. Holly told TMZ Sports that she has a lot of respect for Ronda and feels bad that she’s being ripped by everyone from Lady Gaga to Laila Ali, who said the best in the world don’t get beaten up like that. Holly said, “I think people can be pretty brutal…and when you’re in the spot she’s in, there are people that are just going to jump ship and I don’t ever wish for that.”

Let’s be honest…Nobody is watching “The Voice” for the singers. We’re watching to see what Gwen and Blake are going to do with each other. They flirt a good bit on set, but it’s what happens during commercial breaks that’s the most interesting. was there during last night’s taping and they said before the show when they announce all the judges to the audience, Gwen jumped in Blake’s arms with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Blake planted little kisses on Gwen and saw them texting each other non-stop. Blake said at one point, “Did you get my text?” and Pharrell thought Blake was talking to him. He said, “No, I’m talking to Gwen.”

Charlie Sheen was on the Today show this morning to reveal that he does have HIV and that he was diagnosed about four years ago. He said he was being blackmailed for millions of dollars by people he was paying to keep their mouths shut. But after today, he said those payments will stop. He said, “I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me, threatening the health of so many others, which couldn’t be further from the truth.” Charlie also claims he has not knowingly or unknowingly spread HIV to anyone.


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