Adele sues paparazzi and wins…Sandra Bullock is moving to Texas…Harry Potter stuck in Canada…Lil Wayne to manage Cristiano Ronaldo…and are Charlize Theron and Sean Penn engaged?!

Adele sued the paparazzi on behalf of her baby boy, and now 1-year-old son Angelo be receiving a 5-figure settlement! Adele sued Corbis Images UK, accusing them of illegally taking and posting pictures of her baby during his first family outings, ruining his “milestone moments.” The lawsuit claims celebrity kids aren’t public property so paparazzi have no right to invade their privacy, and the court in England agreed!

Sandra Bullock has homes in LA, New Orleans and Austin, but after a stalker broke into her home in Beverly Hills, she’s ready to move to Austin for good. The National Enquirer spoke to one of Sandra’s friends who says that she took every security precaution. Her house was like a fortress. But a crazy stalker with guns still managed to break in. It’s freaked her out so badly that she reportedly wants to move back to Austin permanently.

Daniel Radcliffe was trying to get to San Diego for his first ever Comic-Con yesterday, but he ended up stuck in Toronto. Daniel’s in the process of upgrading his working visa and a glitch in the system prevented him from entering the US. I’m sorry, but he’s Harry Freaking Potter! Let him in! Daniel is scheduled to appear at Comic-Con today to promote “Horns.”

Lil Wayne is teaming up with Polaris Sports to launch his own sports management firm, and his very first client is arguably the most famous athlete in the world — Portugese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Weezy will manage Cristiano’s business affairs and modeling deals in the US.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were friends for 18 years before they decided to take things to the next level. After seven months of dating, they are rumored to be engaged and getting married in South America this summer. No comment from the couple but she is wearing a ring on THAT finger.


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