Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is cancer-free… Movie & TV news… Madonna hits back at lawsuit… Angelina Jolie alleges physical abuse… and Christian Combs accused of assault

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Last week, YouTuber and streamer Ninja — aka Tyler Blevins — announced that he was still in shock after learning that doctors determined that a mole on the bottom of his foot was melanoma. Yesterday, Ninja was back to announce, “Just got the news from my dermatologist, Great news x 2!” Ninja has been declared cancer free! He posted on X, “Excision was successful with clear margins. Lesion biopsied nearby showed only mild atypia (which means it was only slightly abnormal) and was entirely removed with the biopsy. As of right now, I am officially cancer free ^_^ thank you all for the prayers and kind words this last week. Love you all.”

In sequel and reboot news, Christopher McDonald was a guest on Drew Barrymore’s talk show and told her that Adam Sandler had written a script for Happy Gilmore 2. Christopher played bad guy Shooter McGavin in the 1996 original. Drew wanted to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth….or text. And yes, Adam texted her back that he had written the screenplay for a sequel. That’s literally all the information we have right now. In other sequel news, a fifth Matrix movie is now in development. We have no idea if Keanu Reeves is even attached at this point. But Neve Campbell says she will be back for the next Scream movie. She sat out of the sixth one over a salary dispute, but the money must be right of number seven. But it’s not just the money that’s bringing Neve back…it’s the director. Scream 7 will be directed by original Scream writer Kevin Williamson, and Neve says this is something she’s dreamed about for years. And just a couple more….Reese Witherspoon is working with Amazon to develop a TV series based on Legally Blonde. And Gillian Anderson told The Mirror she is finally open to returning to The X-Files now that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is reportedly on board.

Madonna’s attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by two concert-goers who were mad that she started her concert 2 hours later than was stated on their tickets. Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden say they were mislead by the advertised 8:30pm start time, and they sued Madonna, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Live Nation saying they never would’ve bought these tickets if they’d known the concert was going to start at 10:30! Plus, getting out around 1am made it really difficult to get transportation home and they were super tired the next day! Madonna’s lawyers argued that these guys knew exactly what they were getting into. In fact, the next day, Mr. Hadden posted on Facebook how “incredible” Madonna had been “as always,” adding that he’d never missed a Madonna tour since 1985. Therefore, the lawyers argued, the late start time should have come as no surprise.

Back in 2016, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and all their kids were flying back to LA from France when there was an ugly incident that Angelina claimed turned physical when Brad put his hands on their oldest son Maddox. Brad denied the accusations and after an investigation involving Child Protective Services, he was cleared of any wrongdoing. Angelina still maintains he’s guilty. Not only that, she claims the abuse began before the flight, but this was the first time Brad laid hands on one of the kids, and THAT’S why she left him. Why is all this coming back up now? Because Brad is suing Angelina for trying to sell her shares of their winery without getting his consent first. So now her attorneys have filed a motion that would force Brad to fork over communications which Angie’s team believes will show the only reason he’s suing is because the wouldn’t sign a reworked NDA. Her lawyers believe Brad has been trying to muzzle her an effort to stop her from leaking any information that might be damaging to him.

A woman has come forward to sue Diddy and his son Christian Combs for sexual assault. Grace O’Marcaigh claims that in late December 2022, she was hired to work as a steward on a yacht chartered by Diddy, providing dinner and drink service from 6pm to 6am. Grace — who was 25 at the time, — said she witnessed partying and drug use between a “constant rotation of suspected sex workers” and celebrities. She also believes the alcohol may have been laced with drugs due to the fact some of the women began falling over themselves, panicking, or passing out after just one drink. Grace claims Christian pressured her to take shots of tequila, which she believes were laced with drugs, and he proceeded to sexually assault her. she also claims to have audio recordings of her trying to leave the situation, telling Christian repeatedly to stop. Who recorded this? Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, who was hired to produce music for Diddy, and has filed his own lawsuit against him. Grace included Diddy in the lawsuit, suing him for promises liability, since he’s the one who chartered the yacht.


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