Cuba Gooding Jr. Turns Himself in for Arrest

Wendy Williams is enjoying vacation… Britney Spears’ restraining order… Cardi B makes a vow… Kim Kardashian at the White House… and Cuba Gooding Jr. turns himself in for arrest

Wendy Williams has another 3 weeks of vacation and she’s going to enjoy every single second of it. This past weekend, she flew out to LA to hang out with her new best friend Blac Chyna and ended up hooking up with a rebound boytoy with a criminal past. But she like Marc Tomblin so much that she brought him back to NYC with her, and she’s been treating him to fancy dinners and shopping trips all week. Marc was a supposed to fly back home to LA yesterday, but Wendy’s enjoying him so much that she’s extended his stay.

Britney Spears’ daddy and attorneys went to court yesterday and got a permanent restraining order against her former manager Sam Lufti. He now has to stay at least 200 yards away from Britney and her family, he can’t reach out to them in any way, and he can’t speak ill of them in public. This was in response to Sam’s recent attempt to help Lynne Spears “disrupt and take over” Britney’s conservatorship from her father, Jamie. He’s also accused of threatening to release some old items of Britney’s that he kept from when he managed her during the worst times of her life and career. The permanent restraining order is in effect for the next 5 years.

Cardi B says she will never have plastic surgery again. She’s had to cancel several concerts because of major complications from her liposuction procedure. Earlier this week, Cardi posted a photo of her super-swollen feet and said that every time she takes a flight now, her stomach gets puffy, too. Plus, she said with the swelling came a burning sensation. That doesn’t sound good! Doctors ordered her to rest, and even though she says she hates canceling shows because she’s addicted to money, Cardi listened. And from now on, no more plastic surgery for her. She says she’ll work out from now on.

Kim Kardashian West was praised by the president and given a standing ovation yesterday for her part in getting the Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act passed. It’s way easier to call it the First Step Act. This is a ride share program that will give released prisoners vouchers they can use to get free rides to job interviews and to visit family. Kim explained that until she started visiting prisons and speaking with prisoners, she had no idea how hard it was for them once they tried to reenter society. It’s hard enough for former convicts to get a job, but how can they even get to a job interview if they don’t have a way to get there? Kim is hopeful that the First Step Act will make a dent in the number of released prisoners who commit criminal acts that land them back in prison.

Cuba Gooding Jr. was hanging out in a NYC bar with his girlfriend this past Sunday night when another woman says he groped her thigh and breast. Cuba said he didn’t and that the video would show what really happened. Well, what really happened yesterday was Cuba turning himself in to sex crimes detectives at Manhattan’s Special Victims Division headquarters yesterday where he was booked for misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree. He pleaded not guilty and was then released without bail. He’s due back in court on June 26. Cuba’s attorney said he saw the video and believes “no criminality” happened and that his client will be exonerated. TMZ has that video, so you can go watch it and decide for yourself.

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