Box office weekend news… “Duck Dynasty” star Jep Robertson suffered a seizure… Iggy Azalea’s SNL entourage… Oprah’s driver ran over someone’s foot… and Drake’s birthday celebration incident

Grae Drake from was right! Even though the reviews were in the toilet — only 10% positive on their website — “Ouija” was still the number one movie at the box office with $20 million in its opening weekend. That’s pretty good for a movie that cost less than $5 million to produce! Critics are loving Keanu Reeves’ new movie “John Wick.” It debuted in second with $14.1 million. Last week’s number one movie “Fury” dropped to third with $13 million.

“Duck Dynasty” star Jep Robertson was out deer hunting recently when he suffered a seizure. He tweeted on Saturday, “Well, I about died this past Sunday…I’m doing much better now. Thanks for all the prayers!” A rep for A&E told “Us Weekly” that Jep was in a deer stand with friends when it happened. They rushed him to the hospital where he received immediate treatment. Jep is doing well now, but is still hospitalized for testing and observation. The rep says he’s being treated with antibiotics that cover a range of possible infections that are believed to have caused the seizure.

Iggy Azalea may go down in the record books as having the biggest entourage ever to show up for her “Saturday Night Live” performance. A source says the cast and crew are used to big entourages, but this was beyond anything they’ve seen before. Iggy had SIXTY people shoved into her dressing room and crowded into the hallway, including Rita Ora, who joined her to perform “Black Widow.” The source says Rita kept asking for alcohol, but they don’t serve it at SNL.

A woman was standing outside Prime 112 in Miami when a shiny black Escalade trying to pull away from the restaurant ran over her foot and stopped! She fell back and hit her head and her tailbone and her husband started banging on the window of the SUV, yelling for the driver to back up. That’s when OPRAH jumped out the back seat and rubbed some Oprah magic on it. The woman was so over the moon to meet Oprah that there’s NO WAY she’s going to sue now!

A rather odd incident happened with Drake outside a Washington, DC, nightclub early Sunday morning and someone caught it all on camera. Drake had been celebrating his birthday inside Club Stadium — which is part of a fine gentleman’s establishment — and was already leaving when he suddenly threw down huge stacks of cash and rushed back towards the door. Apparently, he’d just found out that someone inside the club had punched a member of his entourage and he was going back to take care of business. But why did he throw down all that money??? Fortunately, someone in his crew grabbed up most of it as security followed Drake back into the club.


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