Eminem Re-made The Alfred Hitchcock Cover

Kat Von D is officially stepping down… Matthew McConaughey & Hugh Grant could be step-siblings… James Blunt’s tribute… Jessica Biel’s Insta… and Eminem re-made the cover of Alfred Hitchcock’s Music to Murdered By

Kat Von D says is stepping down from her makeup line and selling it to Kendo, whose been her partner for the past 11 years. Moving forward, KatVonD Beauty will now be known as KvD Vegan Beauty. In a long Instagram post, Kat said, “This past year has been one of great change for me. As many of you know, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, launched my vegan shoe line, and am now busy prepping to release my long awaited album in the Spring, followed by an international tour!” (Did anybody else not know this besides me?) She went on to say, “As much as I wish I could balance all of this, on top of continuing my makeup line, it has become clear to me that I just can’t do everything at the maximum capacity. It’s hard to admit this, since I’ve always said ‘You can do everything and anything.’ But I don’t think admitting one’s limits is a bad thing.”

Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant are playing matchmakers …. with their parents! Matthew told Entertainment Tonight, “His father’s 91; my mother’s 88. They’re going out. Next week, they’re supposed to meet and we probably won’t see them for the rest of the night.” Ewwwww, Matthew!!! And then Hugh said, “We did set them up. It’s gonna be red hot.” Ewwwww, Hugh!!!

James Blunt has a new song out called “Monsters,” and it’s a tribute to his father, who is losing his battle against stage 4 chronic kidney disease. If you have lost a parent or you know you’re close to losing a parent, I don’t know if you can emotionally handle the video James did for this song. At first, it’s just a close-up of his face, staring at the camera as his eyes fill up with tears and he sings, “I’m not your son. You’re not my father. We’re just two grown men saying goodbye. So Daddy, won’t you just close your eyes? Don’t be afraid. It’s my turn to chase the monsters away.” And then the camera pulls back to show that he’s sitting there singing this song right beside his dad, Charles Blount. James told “Good Morning Britain” that he wrote “Monsters” right after he learned about his father’s kidney disease and said, “When you realize your father’s mortality, it’s a great opportunity to say the things I’d like to say to him.” All proceeds from this song will go go directly to the charities Help for Heroes and the British Legion.

Jessica Biel posted a throwback photo of herself — she looks to be like a teenager or in her early 20s. She captioned it, “Photographer: Can you try it again but maybe sit like an actual human? Me: Got it.” Justin commented, “Nailed it” with the heart eyes emoji. Of course, internet trolls can’t let him get away with it that easily. Among some of the comments, “Are you referring to her or to Alisha Wainwright?” … “She is too good for you” … “Drunk or not there’s no excuse for your (BLANK) ups” … “You still in the doghouse (crying laughing emoji)” But Justin did have some defenders. One commented to the haters, “Stop pretending like life is a fairy tale. Mistakes happen. Sometimes bad ones. To err is human. Be real. Give your support and not your judgement. You don’t know anything about it.” Another wrote, “All these other people act like if they were the biggest star on the planet with temptation everywhere they’d be angels.”

Surprise! Eminem dropped another album. Just like 2018’s “Kamikaze,” nobody knew “Music to be Murdered By” was coming out in the middle of the night. Em’s new album is made up of 20 tracks — but some of them are intros and spoken word bits — and they include collaborations with the late Juice WRLD, Ed Sheehan, Royce da 5’9”, Skylar Grey, and several others. If “Music to Be Murdered By” hits number one, that would give Eminem his tenth number one debut in a row, beating out Kanye West’s record of nine consecutive number one debuts.

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