Gwen Stefani on finding love with Blake Shelton

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard update… Odell Beckham Jr. never dated Khloe?… Caitlyn Jenner talks politics… Justin Bieber causing emotional distress… and Gwen Stefani on finding love with Blake Shelton

We haven’t heard anything about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce for several weeks now, and Johnny would like to keep that way. Amber has filed a legal request for all of Johnny’s financial information — she’s got to know what he has so she can know how much she can ask for — but Johnny’s team responded with a request for a confidentiality agreement. She’s refusing to sign.

At Drake’s Memorial Day Weekend party, somebody snapped pictures of Khloe Kardashian getting close to Odell Beckham Jr. and the internet blew up with rumors they were hooking up. Khloe went on social media to shoot that down fast, saying they’d just had a couple drinks and there was a little flirting but that was it. No story here. Odell later told GQ magazine the same story. He said, “I just met this person. This is maybe the second conversation we’ve had.” But he said, unfortunately, those rumors did affect his personal life, alluding to the fact that it messed up something he had going with another girl. So is Odell’s current situation with Demi Lovato for real or are we reading too much into it? The two of them were spotted having an intimate, late-night dinner together at a trendy new restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. A source says he showed up about 11pm and she showed up 10 minutes later. They sat in a corner booth and stayed until around 1:30am.

Caitlyn Jenner is in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. At an event yesterday, she said it was easier to come out as transgender than it was to come out as a Republican! She said, “Everything  I’m going to say is my opinion, I do not speak for the trans community. I speak for myself.” And then she said, “Thinking if my dad knew what was going on with this country when he fought so hard, and so many people died around him…I think he would be very disappointed. Because of that, I feel like our best hope is to get back to constitutional government, is in the Republican Party.”

It’s been more than 2 years since Justin Bieber egged his neighbors’ house. He moved away. He paid for the damages. He did all the legal stuff he was supposed to do. We’ve all moved on. Well, not ALL of us have move on. Justin’s old neighbor says he and his wife are still suffering from MEDICAL ISSUES because of that egging incident. Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz say the emotional distress has left them with headaches, tummy aches and insomnia. And OF COURSE that entitles them to compensation for their pain and suffering. But Justin and his legal team are calling BS on that and they’re demanding that Schwartzes submit to mental evaluations. We’re waiting on a judge’s ruling on that.

Oh, what might have been!! Gwen Stefani told Howard Stern that she was in the running for the lead roll in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” — the role that eventually went to Angelina Jolie which led to her becoming Mrs. Brad Pitt! But Gwen could very well be on her way to becoming Mrs. Shelton. She told Howard that when she split with Gavin Rossdale, “I was in a panic. I was in hell….I was going back to ‘The Voice’ in the middle of it with this huge, big secret.” Howard suggested that’s when Blake took advantage of the situation, but she says it wasn’t that way at all. She said, She says that even though they’d done a couple seasons of the show, she didn’t really know Blake at that point. She said, “How it works, is I’m in hair and makeup for about 400 hours and we all have separate trailers… Nobody goes into each other’s room and nobody talks to each other.” She said she only talked to Blake when the cameras were on. But then Blake pulled the other coaches and the producers aside and told them he and Miranda Lambert were getting divorced. Gwen was still keeping her secret and she said, “I think I might have went white and into shock. It felt like he was exposing me… I couldn’t even get my head around it.” Gwen said after that, one day during filming, Blake came up to her chair and she never saw him look so upset. He basically told her everything that was going on with him and she told him what was going on with her, and that’s when they became each other’s support system. She told Howard, “We started this friendship, which was unbelievable that God would put us in a position to have each other at that moment. I wasn’t trying to start a relationship, I was just trying to not die.”

Gwen Stefani tells Howard Stern about how she found an unexpected romance with Blake Shelton.


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