HAND IN HAND: A Benefit For Hurricane Relief Telethon Is Tonight

“mother!” movie review… “Dancing With The Stars” contestants… Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are living together… Demi Lovato is dating a DJ… and A Benefit For Hurricane Relief Telethon is tonight

Critics who’ve seen “mother!” already are freaking out but aren’t free to talk about their experience just yet. What we do know is that Jennifer Lawrence plays a woman who is fixing up a country estate with her husband, played by Javier Bardem. An unknown couple — played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris — show up with a bunch of other strangers and things go wrong. But director Darren Aronofsky has given a little more insight to the movie to USA Today, explaining that the very title of the movie is a clue to the mystery. So there’s a reason that “mother!” is spelled with a lower case “m” followed by an exclamation point. And Darren says the very word “mother” is a big giveaway. Hmmm…..Darren also says the entire movie is told from the point of view of Jennifer’s character, so there are no wide shots. Every scene is shown looking over her shoulder, focusing on her face or seeing what she sees in front of her. Darren hopes the movie causes debate and conversation that lasts well into the night.

“Dancing With the Stars” is back for season 25 this coming Monday. Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott usually do EVERYTHING together — they even live together — and yes, ABC wanted them both to compete head-to-head, but Jonathan is tied up with SEVENTEEN construction projects that he can’t just dance away from. So Drew is finally doing something on his own, and he is taking this VERY seriously. He’s already dropped 27 pounds during rehearsals! Drew will be going up other celebrity competitors including lots of “formers,” like former “Malcolm in the Middle” star Frankie Muniz, former NFL player Terell Owens, former NBA player Derek Fisher, former 80s pop star Debbie Gibson, and former boy bander Nick Lachey.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are shacking up in a Greenich Village apartment in a low-rise luxury building that typically goes for about $16K/month. She’s going to be in NYC for a while filming Woody Allen’s new movie, “Can’t Feel My Face.” A source told Entertainment Tonight that Selena usually stays in hotels when she’s traveling for work, so renting a place is a HUGE deal.

I thought Demi Lovato had a thing for MMA guys, but it looks like she’s actually keeping her options very open. Demi was seen on a Disneyland date over the weekend with an LA-based DJ named Lauren Abedini, who goes by the stage name “Kittens.” People assume it was a date because they were holding hands and Demi had her arm wrapped around Kittens. But who knows…

The “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief” one-hour telethon happens tonight. It’s being carried by 17 networks, social media sites, iHeartMedia, YouTube…it’s going to be EVERYWHERE. You’ll have to work hard NOT to watch it between 7-8pm CST. There are too many celebrities to mention, but a lot of them will be manning the phones and taking donations. Michael Dell and Verizon reportedly are underwriting the entire event so that 100% of the money will go to hurricane relief. And Dell is matching the first $10 million, while Apple is donating $5 million.



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