Hannah B’s Return To The Bachelor

Kate Beckinsale out with Pete Davidson’s BF… A-Rod’s tribute… Joaquin Phoenix praised the menu… Kylie Jenner wears ‘cruel’ mink fur slippers… and Hannah Brown’s return to The Bachelor

No one likes to be referred to as “sloppy seconds,” but would anyone ever refer to Kate Beckinsale in those terms anyway? Kate hit up several Golden Globes afterparties with Machine Gun Kelly, who happens be best friends with Pete Davidson, who happened to have a hot and steamy romance with Kate after he got dumped by Ariana Grande. And remember, it was at the Golden Globes afterparties last year that we first heard about Kate following Pete around like a puppy dog and flirting with him all night and we all thought, NO WAY!!!! But they ended up dating for about four months after that.

Jennifer Lopez is getting blasted for dressing like a Christmas present at the Golden Globes Sunday night. But maybe she realized that she’s truly a gift to all of us and wanted to present herself to us in that way! With all the buzz around her performance in “Hustlers,” she must’ve thought she had a really good shot at winning for Best Supporting Actress, and we have to assume that she was really upset about it when she didn’t win. That became even more evident when her fiancé Alex Rodriguez posted a sweet note to her on Instagram, saying, “Jen, it doesn’t take a trophy, medal, or plaque to identify a true champion. To millions of young women who have watched you and have been inspired and empowered to do amazing things in their lives, you are a champion. For countless musicians, dancers, actresses, and performers who have seen and emulate your passion, drive and work ethic to find their own success, you are a champion. To your children, your family, your coaches, your staff, and your extended family, you are a champion. To everyone whose lives you enrich daily, you are a champion. And don’t you ever forget it. ❤️❤️❤️” Jennifer commented, “You are my everything.”

Two weeks before the big night, the Hollywood Foreign Press decided they would only offer a vegan menu at the Golden Globes. This caused a tinge of panic with the head chef, who’d been preparing a meaty menu for almost a year, but he pulled it off by making the vegetarian option the ONLY option. Guests were served mushrooms shaped to look scallops, wild-mushroom risotto and chilled golden beet soup. Love it or leave it, Hollywood! And sources say Joaquin Phoenix was largely responsible for making this happen. Did he threaten to no-show if they dared to serve someone a piece of chicken?

Australia is battling their worst wildfires in decades. The fires started in late July and are expected to continue for months. So far, 24 people have died, 2000 homes have been destroyed, almost 18M acres have been scorched, and close to 500M animals have died. Natural causes are usually the blame for wildfires, but 24 Australians have been arrested for intentionally setting fires. Celebrities are drawing more attention to what’s happening by making huge donations. Chris Hemsworth pledged a million dollars to fight the wildfires, while Pink, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have donated $500K. But no good deed goes unpunished because they’re being slammed for not giving more!

“The Bachelor” returned last night with a THREE HOUR PREMIERE!!! Was that really necessary, Chris Harrison?? But the thing most people are talking about is the return of Hannah Brown. At first, she just wanted to give Peter his pilot wings back because those really should go to the woman he chooses to marry, but she suddenly realized she still had feelings for Peter and that threw everything into a tailspin. With mascara smeared down her cheeks, Hannah sobbed to Peter that after things ended with Jed, she never heard from him and assumed he just wanted to be the next Bachelor. She said she broke everybody’s heart including her own by picking Jed, and then Peter stumbled and bumbled his way through asking Hannah if she wanted to come back and move into the Bachelor house? To be continued next week, but it better not be three hours, Chris Harrison!!

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