Has Justin Bieber gotten TWO women pregnant?

YouTube laying down the law… Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry hooking up?… More on Sandra Bullock’s home intruder… Selena Gomez’s loud house party… and Has Justin Bieber gotten TWO women pregnant?

YouTube is laying down the law. Any artist who doesn’t want to join their new ad-free music service will be deleted from YouTube. The service will show you ad-free songs for a small fee, but some artists — like Adele, the Arctic Monkeys and Jack White, for instance — aren’t happy with this little arrangement. But unless they play ball, artists will be blacklisted from YouTube within a matter of days.

There have been rumors about Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry hooking up here and there for a while now, but the two of them have always insisted that they’re just friends. And maybe that’s true. But what if this is just like a romantic comedy where the two best friends suddenly realize that they, in fact, are meant for each other! This may have finally happened for Robert and Katy because at the after-party for the premiere of his movie, “The Rover,” a source says these two were all over each other! This source says when Robert saw Katy, his eyes lit up and he kept hugging and kissing on her the entire night.

A judge has just added a $2 million bond to the original $185K bond that was set for the man who broke into Sandra Bullock’s home on June 8. Police say 39-year-old Joshua Corbett did NOT have any weapons with him when he was arrested inside Sandra’s home, but when they searched his home, they found an ARSENAL of weapons, including seven machine guns! He now faces 19 felony charges in addition to the initial charges of stalking and burglary. He is still being held in the Los Angeles County jail.

After partying at Bootsy Bellows and basically confirming they’re back together, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went into a Hollywood recording studio the next morning. They left together in his Ferrari. Later that night, Selena had some friends over to her place in HIdden Hills where things got a little too noisy for the neighbors. About 11:30pm, officers showed up and warned Selena to keep it down….or else. But the picture she posted looked pretty tame to me!  She captioned it, “Tacos, live music and candles ☺️ such a beautiful night with beautiful people.”

In Style has a source claiming that Justin Bieber has gotten at least TWO women pregnant, but his team covered the pregnancies up to protect Justin’s image. Their source claims that after the legitimacy of the pregnancies was investigated, these women were”dealt with.” In other words, they were paid to go away and are cut off from Justin forever. RadarOnline reached out to Justin’s rep for a comment but, unsurprisingly, got nothing.


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