Stacy Keibler’s healthy pregnancy… Selena Gomez is feeling independent… Marvel’s big changes… Britney Spears walks the tab… and Has One Direction’s Zayn Malik already gotten married?

Stacy Keibler is probably the healthiest pregnant woman EVER. She only eats organic and “clean” foods…she exercises and stretches every single day…she’s hired a doula to assist with childbirth…and she’s going to eat her placenta. This may seem like a new trend, but apparently this is practice that goes back thousands of years in many cultures around the world. But Stacey is planning on having her placenta ground up and put into pills after her baby girl is born. Many believe this helps with postpartum depression and milk production after childbirth, but some nutritionists say there’s no nutritional value whatsoever.

Selena Gomez is feeling all independent again. Just to make sure we all know she’s over Justin Bieber AGAIN, she got celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang to tat “Love Yourself First” in Arabic script on the backside of her ribcage. Bang Bang posted a picture of his handiwork on his Instagram with the caption, “Little gift for my friend @selenagomez.”

Marvel has some big changes in store for Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. They’re calling it Avengers NOW! In November, Iron Man is getting a new and improved outfit and will be known as Superior Iron Man. Also in November comes All-New Captain America #1. Steve Rogers won’t be able to fulfill his duties as Captain America and reportedly he will hand over his spandex suit to his longtime friend, The Falcon, who is African-American. But in October, it’s all about Thor — and the new Thor will be a WOMAN.

Britney Spears got a lot of grief for walking the tab at The Cheesecake Factory, but in her defense — she thought her bodyguard paid the bill!! TMZ is reporting that Britney has since settled her tab and threw on a $100 tip for the previously stiffed waitress.

One Direction’s Zayn Malik is engaged to Lil Mix’s Perrie Edwards, but some fans believe they may have already gotten married. Zayn posted an Instagram photo and he’s wearing what looks like a wedding band. But his rep told the Daily Mail that he is definitely not married yet. Apparently, Zayn is wearing a man-gagement ring, because he’s trendy like that.


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