SPOILER ALERT… Ruby Rose exits series… Peter Weber’s CAMEO… Kristin Cavallari announces end of Very Cavallari… and Horace Grant says Michael Jordan lied in ‘Last Dance’

SPOILER ALERT! Season 18 of “The Voice” wrapped up last night and congratulations to Team Blake’s Todd Tilghman. The good reverend had a good backstory, which always helps. Todd is lead pastor of the church in which he was raised. He’s married to his high school sweetheart. They had three kids and then decided to adopt a baby girl and then a year later, adopted her sister. Now they’ve got 8 kids and Rev. Tilghman says just as soon as he can, he’s taking them all to Disney World. This is the seventh win for Blake Shelton, but his first since season 13.

Ruby Rose says “Peace out, Batwoman!” Saying it was a very difficult decision that she didn’t make lightly, Ruby Rose is leaving “Batwoman” after only one season. She wouldn’t say why. That juice will come later, I’m sure. The CW promises to recast another LGBTQ actress in the role. I’m thinking Becky G

Peter Weber was paid to do a Cameo video for a fan celebrating her 16th birthday, and ended up giving us all some inside scoop on why he ultimately ended up with Kelley Flanagan. Peter says he still believes “The Bachelor” system works, however it wasn’t the most “organic” situation for him and Kelley. Peter said his grandmother used to repeat a saying to him in Spanish which translated into, “No matter what happens, let the waters run….What’s meant for you — what’s yours — will always be yours, and nothing can ever change that. So obviously we’ll see what the future holds for Kelley and I, but I think it’s a beautiful story, definitely a beautiful love story of what’s yours is yours and it will always come back to you, no matter what.” Remember, Peter and Kelley met right before production began on his season of “The Bachelor” and then she decided to sign up. Peter said that he and Kelley just kept coming back into each other’s lives and even though it was “an unorthodox way” of finding love, it definitely worked in the end. Then he brought out Kelley and they both sang Happy Birthday to the newly sweet 16 year old fan.

Will she say reality TV caused her divorce or just sped up the inevitable? Either way, we won’t see Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s divorce play out on Season 4 of “Very Cavallari” because she announced yesterday that just like her marriage, it’s over.

If you’re a fan of “The Last Dance,” Michale Jordan’s former teammate says 90 percent of it is “BS.” Horace Grant won three championships with Michael and the Bulls before going to the Orlando Magic. He told a sports podcast that while “The Last Dance” was “entertaining,” his teammates know “about 90 percent of it was BS” and that it painted Michael in a better light than what was reality. In “The Last Dance” Michael lets us all know that he believes Horace is the one who leaked information to a journalist who wrote an unflattering book about him. Horace said that was a “lie, lie, lie.” He said, “It’s only a grudge, man…And I think (Michael) proved that during this so-called ‘documentary.’ When you say something about him, he’s going to cut you off. He’s going to try to destroy your character.”

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