Showbiz Top 5: Is Christina Aguilera pregnant again?

Did President Clinton have an affair with Elizabeth Hurley?… “The Michael J. Fox Show” has been canceled… Kanye West and Kim Kardashian moved up their wedding date… Taylor Swift is insecure when it comes to Kacey Musgraves… and Is Christina Aguilera pregnant again?

Tom Sizemore claimed that back in 1998, he was at the White House screening of his movie “Saving Private Ryan” when President Clinton asked him for Elizabeth Hurley’s phone number. Tom says he immediately called Liz, said, “Elizabeth, this is your commander in chief…I don’t have any time for this s***. I’m keeping the world from nuclear war. I’m sending a plane to pick you up.” And that’s when Liz flew to DC, where she spent four glorious days loving on Mr. President. Well, the problem with that whole story is……it’s not true. Tom’s manager says these were the rantings of a drug addict who was high when he made these claims that were recorded five years ago.

NBC has canceledThe Michael J. Fox Show,” replacing it with “Hollywood Game Night.” They’ve only aired 15 of the show’s 22 episodes, but NBC hasn’t indicated whether or not they’ll ever see the light of day. NBC is struggling on Thursday nights. They previously canceled “Sean Saves the World.”

“Us Weekly” is reporting that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have decided to move up their wedding date. At first, they were looking to get married in Paris in July, but now they’re moving it up to May. And a source says baby North will have a large role in the wedding. No surprise that Kanye has been involved in pretty much every aspect of planning this wedding. And the source says Kim will wear two dresses — one for the wedding and another for the reception.

“In Touch Weekly” claims that Taylor Swift has a little chip on her shoulder when it comes to Kacey Musgraves. Taylor reportedly was upset that Kacey got more attention than she did at the Grammys and is feeling insecure that Kacey is about to take her place in the industry. “In Touch” claims Taylor is telling friends that she can’t STAND Kacey.

According to “OK!” magazine, Christina Aguilera is pregnant again, but she has no plans to marry her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler. She has a 6-year-old son, Max, with her ex-husband, Jordan Bratman.


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