Jessica Simpson brings her own diet root beer to dinner… Howie Mandel sued by restaurant… Half of Lindsay Lohan’s fur coat was stolen… Kylie Jenner hangs out with Cody Simpson… and Is Demi Lovato engaged to Wilmer Valderrama?

There are more celebrities in NYC than usual ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday. Jessica Simpson and 9 women were at a new restaurant in Soho called Costata Wednesday night, apparently for a meeting about future business ventures. Of course, Jessica has to keep herself in check after losing all that baby weight. The women ordered plates of chicken, steak, salads, artichokes, brussels sprouts and french fries for sharing. But while all her friends drank wine, Jessica ordered vodka and then pulled her own diet root beer out of her purse as a mixer. You know you wanna try that now, right?

Howie Mandel is being sued by an LA restaurant for damages caused during the filming of his TBS pranking show called “Deal With It.” Back in October, cameras were set up inside the Cowboys and Turbans restaurant — yes, that would be Mexican and Indian food — to film customers being pranked. An actress was directed to cuss loudly and jump on some expensive Moroccan tile and break dishes. This actress must’ve REALLY gotten into her part because the restaurant owner claims a piano, furniture and patio heaters were trashed, causing over $103K in damages! He is suing not only for the damages, but also for his attorney’s fees.

Lindsay Lohan is accusing somebody of stealing PART of her fur coat. She was partying at 1Oak in NYC Wednesday night — the SAME CLUB where she was accused of stealing a $12K mink back in 2008 — and she says that she left behind part of her fur coat. (Maybe it had a detachable collar?) But when she realized her mistake, she went back and it was gone. She called everyone who had been at the table with her, but couldn’t get in touch with injured Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice, so that’s who she’s accusing of taking it! The next morning, Lindsay’s dad Michael called the club and left a message about the missing fur piece. But a source inside the club told Page Six that there was no fur coat. The source says Lindsay arrived in a leather jacket with a long fur shawl, and that when Lindsay’s friend was holding the shawl, it got too close to a candle and caught fire. The source says when Lindsay left, she was wearing both the leather jacket and the singed shawl, so they don’t know what stunt she’s trying to pull. Besides, Lindsay was banned from 1Oak last April after she threw glasses at her former assistant, but she somehow managed to sneak in on Wednesday. Now, the source says, she’s definitely banned.

Back in 2011, Kylie Jenner and Cody Simpson dated for a hot minute, but she moved on to Jaden Smith. Of course, whenever she’s asked about Jaden, she says they’re just friends, and that may actually be the case NOW. Kylie was hanging out with Austin Mahone in NYC for his pre-Super Bowl performance , which led everyone to believe there might be something going on there. But! Today, there are pictures of Kylie and Cody being VERY affectionate. They’re snuggling and she’s straddling. We don’t know when these pictures were taken, but they’re definitely not from 2011. But Cody is supposed to be dating model Gigi Hadid — the daughter of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster. They even spent Christmas and NYE together.

On Wednesday, Demi Lovato posted a picture of herself holding a cup of coffee with a ring on THAT finger! The next day, she posted a collage of photos showing her with Wilmer Valderrama, captioning it, “To the funniest, most inspiring, incredible man I know.. @WilmerValderrama – thank you for helping me get through my darkest moments.. You truly are a light to this world and to my life.. Happy Birthday!!!” So is this it?? Are they engaged??!! Right before Thanksgiving, Wilmer was spotted buying a ring at Tiffany’s. Maybe that was the ring she was wearing on THAT finger?? No comments from their reps.


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