Is Johnny Depp being blackmailed by Amber Heard?

Snoop Dogg bashes ‘Roots’ reboot in Instagram rant…“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is in trouble… Sarah Palin to host reality show as TV judge… Katy Perry’s Twitter was hacked… and Is Johnny Depp being blackmailed by Amber Heard?

“Roots” debuted on ABC back in 1977, and The History Channel decided is was time to do a remake. Their four-part, eight-hour version of “Roots” debuted last night. But one celebrity who won’t be watching — and he’s asking all of us to follow his example — is Snoop Dogg. He went on an Instagram to rant yesterday:

(WARNING: Explicit Content)

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According to Page Six, the first “Star Wars” spinoff — “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” — is in trouble. The movie is due in theaters on December 16, but Disney bosses are so unhappy with the first cut, they’re going back into four weeks of expensive reshoots in July. Hopefully, they’ll get it right!

Sarah Palin is getting her own courtroom show with the working title, “Palin Rules.” These shows do REALLY well and it’s made Judge Judy a bazillionaire! Unlike other courtroom reality shows, Sarah doesn’t have a law degree or a judicial title. She is ruling over the “courtroom of common sense.” And the people who agree to appear on her show also have to agree that whatever Sarah decides is final.

If you follow Katy Perry on Twitter, you may have thought for a hot second that the feud between her and Taylor Swift is now over. Last night, she tweeted, “Miss u baby @taylorswift13.” Or DID she?! It turns out Katy had been hacked by someone who tweeted a bunch of vulgarities, as well. Of course the hacker wanted to take credit, tweeting, “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack.”


Johnny Depp’s friends and family are circling the wagons, defending him against Amber Heard’s allegations of spousal abuse. His friend Doug Stanhope wrote a column for The Wrap saying that he and Johnny’s other friends witnessed the crappy way Amber treated him throughout their relationship, but they never said anything to him because they were afraid Johnny would ice them out. He says Amber is blackmailing Johnny with these abuse accusations because he wouldn’t give her what she wanted. Amber claims that Johnny threw an iPhone at her face and posted several photos of her battered face. But according to TMZ, when police responded to a call at the couple’s home, Amber told them that everything was fine and that she and her husband had just had an argument. Officers also found no evidence of injury to Amber and never said Johnny hit her.  In another incident, TMZ is reporting that two security guards standing in the entryway of Johnny and Amber’s apartment heard her screaming last week, “Stop hitting me!!” They say they literally burst in the door “within a second” and saw Johnny in the kitchen and Amber sitting on the couch in the living room — at least 20 feet away. Those bodyguards are expected to testify next month during the restraining order trial. According to TMZ, they will say that during Amber and Johnny’s 15-month marriage, it was Amber who flew into rages, screaming at Johnny, throwing bottles and charging him. They are expected to testify that they frequently had to pull her off of him.


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