Enrique Iglesias welcomes third child… Luke Perry was omitted from In Memoriam… Theory of who Peter Weber ends up with… Jussie Smollett indicted… and Jessica Simpson stands up to animal rights protestors

Surprise!! Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have a new baby! The super private couple hid the fact that Anna was pregnant with twins until after they were born in December 2017, and now they’ve gone and done it again! Enrique’s brother, Julio Iglesias Jr., was being interviewed on a Chilean radio station when he just blurted out that he’d become an uncle again, but refused to reveal whether it’s a boy or a girl. He would only say, “My brother now has three children. He’s very happy.” But after the birth of their twins, Nicholas and Lucy, Enrique and Anna haven’t been shy about posting pictures with them, so I guess we’ll see baby number 3 sooner or later. Just a little back story on their love story. They started dating in 2001 after Anna starred in Enrique’s music video for “Escape.” Two years later, she retired from tennis and we’re not sure when it happened exactly, but we’re pretty sure they got married at some point along the way. On her Instagram, she calls herself Anna Kournikova Iglesias.

Fans were upset that Luke Perry and Disney star Cameron Boyce were left out of the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars Sunday night. But the Oscars have an excuse for that. They released a statement saying they get hundreds of requests to be included in that segment of the program, but “an executive committee representing every branch considers the list and makes selections for the telecast based on limited available time.” Then they added that Luke and Cameron ARE included in the online Oscar.com gallery.

We still haven’t broken down all that happened on this past Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor.” That’s the one where Peter proved once and for all that he’s too immature for a real relationship with a level-headed, goal-oriented, drama-free, edited out of nowhere to make her look like a villain, WOMAN. But the real drama of Peter the Pilot’s season has been playing out on Twitter and Reddit chatrooms because every member of Bachelor Nation has been trying to figure out the show’s ending because Peter and Chris Harrison say it’s simply impossible for anyone to find out. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. The latest fan theory that popped up in a Reddit thread is that Peter actually falls in love with one of the Bachelor producers named Julie LaPlaca. Julie’s dad apparently posted a picture from NYE showing Julie out to dinner with Peter and his family and Julie has also been tagged in photos wearing Seattle Seahawks gear, which is Peter’s favorite team. But Julie’s JOB is to hang with whoever the Bachelor or Bachelorette happens to be, as well as all their potential husbands and wives. She’s got tons of pictures all over her Instagram with them, so basically, Peter just so happens to be the one she’s working with now.

In January 2019, Jussie Smollett claimed he was coming home for a 2am Subway run when he was attacked by two white guys wearing MAGA hats who put a noose around his neck, doused him in bleach and called him racist and homophobic slurs. Jussie lied. And he not only cost the Chicago PD hundreds and hundreds of hours investigating this ruse, the city had to fork over $130K in overtime pay. So when the State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped all charges and let him walk, the police were TICKED. Fast forward to yesterday. The city of Chicago has now charged Jussie with six new felony charges of disorderly conduct and lying to police. He’s scheduled to be arraigned on February 24 and faces up to 3 years in prison if he’s convicted. His attorneys say this is more about politics than justice. It turns out Kim Foxx is up for reelection next month.

After sitting down with Jenna to talk about her book in Dallas, Jessica Simpson flew back to LA to do the same thing with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt. But unlike the Dallas appearance, Jessica had to deal with animal rights protesters disrupting her conversation. But as they were yelling and jumping up and down, Jessica kept her cool and said, “God bless you guys! It’s beautiful that you stand up for what you believe, but not through hatred.” Those protesters were escorted out, but later in the evening, another woman pulled the same stunt and she was promptly removed. To that, Jessica said, “These are the types of moments where you know, when you’re trying to speak about helping other people get through their own problems and their life, and when you talk about God, that is when darkness tries to seep in. And I know that God is stronger than that and nothing will hold me back from my calling.”

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