Johnny Depp could face up to 10 years in prison

Weekend box office news… Jaden Smith cast as teenage superhero… Sean Penn and Charlize Theron save the date… The Drake and Madonna feud continues… and Johnny Depp could face up to 10 years in prison

“Tomorrowland” beat out “Pitch Perfect 2” at the box office over the long Memorial Day weekend, but not by much. “Tomorrowland” debuted with $41.7 million and “Pitch Perfect 2” earned $38.5 million in its second week of release. Coming in third was “Mad Max: Fury Road” with $32.1 million. “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was fourth with $27.8 million. And rounding out the top five was “Poltergeist,” which debuted with $26.5 million.

I don’t know if he was supposed to say anything or not, but Tyler James Williams announced at Comic Con that Jaden Smith has been cast as the teenage superhero, Static Shock, for an upcoming Warner Bros. web series. Virgil Ovid Hawkins — aka Static Shock — has the power to wield and manipulate electricity. Tyler said, “There aren’t that many young black comic book super heroes. It’s great to see Static Shock is happening with Jaden.” Meantime, Jaden’s dad, Will Smith, is busy filming “Suicide Squad.” He plays the superhero, Deadshot.

Jaden Smith went to prom as a superhero!

what a night 🌟💫✨

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Sources say that Sean Penn and Charlize Theron will get married on August 7, which is her 40th birthday, in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is close to her hometown. This will be Sean’s third marriage. His previous wives include Madonna and Robin Wright.

So Drake made a funny face when Madonna stuck her tongue down his throat on stage. So she retaliated by answering a fan question about Drake’s kissing ability with, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” So now he’s firing back by changing the lyrics to his song “Madonna,” replacing her name with Rihanna.

Johnny Depp reportedly flew back to LA once he found out he could possibly face jail time for illegally bringing his two dogs to Australia. If the matter goes to court and Johnny is found guilty, he could face up to 10 years in jail or a maximum fine of $265,000 (or $340,000…I’m seeing two different reports on that.)


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