Justin Bieber Cancels Final Tour Dates

Jake Paul outgrows Disney… “Modern Family” actors raking in the money… Abby Lee Miller crying in prison… R Kelly has hired Bill Cosby’s former attorney… and Justin Bieber cancels final tour dates

Jake Paul apparently doesn’t know how this works. Disney Channel stars don’t start acting like fools until AFTER they leave the network. But the Disney Channel says it was a mutual decision for Jake Paul to leave his series “Bizaardvark” after two seasons. It most likely has to do with a recent episode on live local news. Jake lives with a group of friends who call themselves Team 10 and they film themselves doing random street stunts and nonsense for their YouTube channel. They even give out their home address so their fans will show up and it’s just a mess. Their neighbors hate them. When a news crew showed up to document how bad things are, Jake basically said he feels bad for his neighbors, but oh well! He said, “Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there!” He also climbed on top of the news van and made fun of the reporter’s shoes. J-Si thought it was hysterical…The Disney Channel did not. Jake tweeted that he had outgrown the Disney Channel and is now going to focus on more “adult acting roles.”

Have you ever wanted to get your kid into acting so you could quit your 9-to-5, become your kid’s manager and live comfortably off your 15 percent cut? These numbers might help you decide whether or not it’s worth a shot at packing up and heading to LA. Entertainment Weekly just found out what the young actors on “Modern Family” are making. Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland and Rico Rodriguez have renegotiated their deals and will now make $100K-plus per episode, which has just been renewed for two more 22-episode seasons. The older actors on the show earn roughly $500K per episode.

RadarOnline.com says according to their sources, Abby Lee Miller has been crying non-stop since she checked in to prison to begin her 366-day sentence. They say, “All she really does is sit in her bunk, read trashy romance novels that she got from the library and sob!” Apparently, that’s quite irritating to fellow inmates, which led to Abby Lee’s first prison fight over the weekend! Their source said another inmate was sick and tired of seeing and hearing Abby Lee crying in the multi-room and started shouting that “She ain’t s***!” But counselors intervened before it went too far.

The Daily Mail is reporting that R Kelly has hired Bill Cosby’s former attorney Monique Pressley to defend him against accusations that he’s brainwashing young women and keeping them against their will. She stepped down as a member of Cosby’s legal team last year and vigorously defending him in TV interviews. Pressley is the lead attorney at a firm specializing in civil litigation, crisis management and communications.

Justin Bieber has canceled the remaining 14 dates of his Purpose World Tour. He told TMZ that he loves his fans and he’s “sorry for anyone who feels disappointed or betrayed,” but he’s exhausted. John Mayer, for one, has his back. He tweeted yesterday, “When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going. We’ve lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin 👍 👍 for realizing it was time to call it. You should too.”

Looks like I'm free Saturday night…

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