Splash Mountain will be reimagined… Maluma sued by SoHo House owner… The Chicks dropped the Dixie… Nicki Minaj tells fans to spam… and Justin Bieber sues two women for defamation

For years, people have been calling and petitioning Disney to rename and re-theme Splash Mountain. And with all that’s been going on in our country, the demands have only gotten louder. For those not familiar, Splash Mountain is based on Disney’s 1946 movie “Song of the South” with Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Fox. It’s a cute ride, but the movie it’s based on is super racist. Finally, Disney has announced that they’re changing the water ride’s theme to “The Princess and the Frog,” the movie that introduced Disney’s first black princess, Tiana. According to Disney, they’ve actually been working on this since last summer. On the new version of the water ride, we join Tiana and Louis the alligator as they prepare for their first-ever Mardi Gras performance in New Orleans, and will feature music from the movie.

Richard Caring is a ridiculously rich businessman from London who owns the members-only SoHo House and The Ivy Restaurants. So when his bride-to-be wanted Maluma to perform at their wedding, Richard was going to make it happen. But even for the richest of the rich, things don’t always go according to plan, and now Richard is suing Maluma for extortion! The wedding was originally scheduled for November 7, 2019, in the Dominican Republic. To get Maluma to come, Richard agreed to pay for 5 first class tickets and 32 tickets for Maluma’s staff. Yes, that was just for his staff. Maluma demanded a private plane! Richard also had to foot the bill for a fancy hotel and pay Maluma’s $500K performance fee. He wired $375K upfront. Three months before the wedding, Richard and his bride decided to postpone the wedding “due to the ability to deliver an event of this magnitude with the current time constraints.” He told Maluma they were moving the wedding to Rome in June 2020 — which we now know isn’t happening because of coronavirus but this was before all that added drama. Maluma said the new date would interfere with his European tour, but he would be willing to make it happen……FOR A MILLION DOLLARS. Richard said forget it and asked for his deposit back, but Maluma said no! Now Richard is suing him for extortion.

Two weeks ago, Lady Antebellum changed their band name to just Lady A because “antebellum” refers to the time before the Civil War, when slavery was still practiced. Now The Dixie Chicks have followed that example, dropping “Dixie” from their name because its roots date back to days of slavery. Their website and social media accounts already reflect the change, and the cover for their upcoming album now says their name is The Chicks. Their new song “March March” is out now. The Chicks’ new album is out July 17th.

Nicki Minaj knows that the only person who can get Kanye West to do something is his wife. So Nicki has asked her fans to bug Kim Kardashian to get Kanye to release their collaboration “New Body,” which they’d recorded for his album “Yandhi.” When Kanye shifted gears and put out a gospel album instead, his song with Nicki was shelved. In a since-deleted tweet, Nicki asked her Barbies to “light up” the comments on Kim’s social media, hoping she can get Kanye to release that musical magic to the masses.

Justin Bieber puts up with a lot of stuff, but he’s not about to let two anonymous women get away with accusing him of sexual assault. Two women who went by the Twitter handles @danielleglvn and @ItsnotKadi posted their accusations on social media, including the locations of where their alleged assaults took place. But Justin was able to provide proof that he was not in either of those locations at the time these women claim the assaults happened, making it physically impossible for him to assault them. He’s now suing these women for $10M each.

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