Chrissy Teigen proves it… Jessica Biel’s new baby boy… August Alsina has a new song… Amber Heard tells her side in court… and Kanye West breaks down in tears at a campaign rally

Does anybody really not believe Chrissy Teigen had her breast implants removed? She said nobody does, which is why she decided to show us on her Instagram Story. First, she lifted up her bikini top to show the scars from her lift, and then a few slides later we saw her freshly stitched and stapled boobies on the operating room table.

The Daily Mail says SURPRISE!! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a new baby boy! They claim their source is a friend of Jessica’s mom, who’s been staying with her daughter and son-in-law at their place in Big Sky, Montana.We’re not sure if Jessica gave birth or if this was an adoption, and nobody from Justin and Jessica’s camp is commenting so we’re not even sure if this is true. The last time Jessica was seen in public was in February, and we haven’t seen any full body shots on social media since March. In one of them, Jessica’s sitting while wearing a flowing gown, so we couldn’t really see her tummy. And then a couple weeks later, Justin posted a shot of Jessica standing in the snow from far, far away. Their son Silas is now 5 and Justin has said in the past that they want more children. So if the rumor is true, congratulations!

During a Red Table Talk with her husband Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith acknowledged she had a relationship with August Alsina about four years ago, but she referred to the affair as an “entanglement.” Striking while the iron is hot, August teamed up with Rick Ross to release a song called “Entanglements,” now available on all streaming platforms. Among the lyrics, “The definition of entanglement / It’s when you’re tangled in the sheets” …“Keys to over forty cars, left me with a broken heart” … “Do this s*** like every weekend, guess I’m just her little secret” … “Saddest part is I still love you, just to keep it simple.”

Johnny Depp is suing a British tabloid for calling him a wife beater. All last week, he testified how horrible Amber Heard had been to him, and now it’s her turn on the witness stand. This morning, Amber testified that Johnny was insanely jealous, accusing her of having affairs with at least eight of her co-stars, including Liam Hemsworth, Eddie Redmayne, James Franco, and Channing Tatum, whom Johnny nicknamed “Potato Head.” Amber claimed Johnny accused her of sleeping with Leonardo DiCaprio after an audition, calling him “Pumpkin Head.” She also testified that Johnny told her that the only way to escape their marriage was to die, and also described instances where Johnny headbutted, kicked, hit and strangled her throughout the course of their relationship.

Kanye West held his first presidential campaign rally in North Charleston, SC, Sunday evening. He arrived wearing a bullet-proof vest with “2020” shaved into his hair. He made some shocking revelations during his speech, including the fact that when they were dating, Kim Kardashian called him hysterically crying, saying she was pregnant and had the “morning after” pills in her hand. Kanye said that if Kim decides to divorce him for telling this, he’s at peace with that because they brought North into this world. Kanye went on to say that he thinks abortion should be legal, but there should be more support for people who need it, like “…Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars or something in that range.” While he got praise for stating his belief that marijuana should be free, he got booed for saying, “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go work for other white people.” Behind the scenes, sources say Kanye’s family is extremely worried for his health, believing he’s in the throes of a bipolar episode.

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