Katy Perry’s concert rider

Aundrea’s reason to leave Danity Kane… “American Idol” winner… Kevin Hart’s ex-wife bashed his new girlfriend… Justin Bieber hitting on Adriana Lima… and Katy Perry’s concert rider

When Danity Kane first came on the scene, there were five girls. When they announced recently they were reuniting, only four decided to make an effort. But now, Aundrea Fibres has decided to leave the group and now there are three. Aundrea’s reason? She recently got engaged and she’s ready to settle down and have a family. She did give the remaining girls — Shannon, Dawn and Aubrey — her blessing, saying, “They are going to kill it for you, while I go and have some babies!” In other music news, Benji and Joel Madden are starting up a new band called The Madden Brothers. Catchy, right? Their new album, “Greetings from California,” is scheduled for an October 3 release.

Season 13 of “American Idol” is a wrap! And after Caleb Johnson was declared the winner, he couldn’t have been any less emotionless.  Also wrapping up last night was season 28 of “Survivor.” Jersey cop Tony Vlachos took the million dollar prize. Believe it or not, the show is coming back for a 29th season. “Survivor:  San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water” will be filmed in Nicaragua and will premiere on CBS in September.

Kevin Hart has a few words for his ex-wife, Torrei. Torrei is on the upcoming show “Atlanta Exes” and she went on “Entertainment Tonight” to bash Kevin and his girlfriend, Eniko Parrish. Torrei blames their affair for ending her marriage several years ago. She told “ET,” “I never tried to punch her in the face, even though I’ve had moments where — trust and believe — I wanted to K.O. her a**…It does hurt that my kids have to be around a woman who broke up a marriage.”  She went on to say, “I was with Kevin when he was selling sneakers for five dollars an hour. I was at every show. I was at his first show where he ever did standup… I was there from the beginning.” Kevin responded on Twitter yesterday, calling his ex-wife’s attack “sad” and criticizing her for being unable to move on.

Justin Bieber has been partying his mustache off at the Cannes Film Festival. He was at this nightclub Monday night and sources say he was hitting on recently single Adriana Lima HARD. But she couldn’t have been less interested. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she’s 32 and he’s only 20. And when Justin tried to leave with Adriana and her friends, she politely told him no. He had better luck Wednesday night going back to Barbara Palvin. She and Justin were rumored to have hooked up at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in November 2012 — when he was still dating Selena Gomez. They seemed to be quite friendly on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht. She even caressed his face at one point.

Every artist on the road has a list of requests and some outright demands in their concert riders. Katy Perry’s is the one people are talking about right now. She recently kicked off the European leg of her “Prismatic” tour and the “Daily Star” claims to have gotten a copy of her rider. Among her requests, an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, all to be cut and served by the same person. Among her choices, apples, dried figs, celery, peas, grapes and pineapple. Katy also asks for three bottles of Pinot Grigio, chilled, of course. As far as the dressing room decor, Katy asks for a pink and cream color scheme, with custom-made French lamps, a shaggy rug, and a director’s chair with her name on it. She also likes to be surrounded by fresh flowers, but “ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.” The paper also claims the staff at the arenas where Katy performs are instructed not to speak to Katy, and under no circumstances are they allowed to ask for a picture or an autograph. A source says, “It angers her before the show.”


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