Kris Jenner addresses son Rob’s weight problem… Sandra Bullock’s earnings for “Gravity”… Michelle Rodriguez wants a baby… Chris Brown contacts Rihanna… and Katy Perry’s emotional roller coaster week

The National Enquirer claims that Kris Jenner has had enough of son Rob’s weight problem. He packed on some serious pounds after Rita Ora dumped him. He’s been trying to work out and he’s been Instagramming all of these healthy meals he’s supposedly eating, but the pounds aren’t dropping fast enough for his mama’s liking. A source says Kris told Rob to lose 70 pounds before his sister Kim’s wedding this summer. Rob’s so stressed about it, he’s reportedly considering weight loss surgery.

Sandra Bullock was paid $20 million upfront to do “Gravity.” But because of this deal her agent made giving her 15 percent of box office revenue, Sandra will earn at least another $50 million, which means one movie role earned her $70 million!! And remember, Angelina Jolie turned down “Gravity” because she wanted to direct another project.

The MailOnline is reporting that Michelle Rodriguez believes Cara Delevingne is “the one.” Reportedly, one of Michelle’s “good friends” told the tabloid that Michelle is 35 and that biological clock is ticking and she wants to have a baby with Cara. But would Michelle or 21-year-old Cara carry it?

Even though Rihanna seems to have something going on with Drake over in Paris, sources say Chris Brown is back in the mix. A source says he texted Rihanna on her birthday last week, but she didn’t text back right away. However, later that night, Rihanna was getting all sentimental and texted back, “Thank you, ” and asked how he was doing. And that was it! They’ve been texting up a storm ever since.

Katy Perry’s been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster this past week. First she got booed on the runway in Paris…then she dumped John Mayer…and then she found out Muslims were ticked off at her over her “Dark Horse” video. In the video, Katy has the power to turn men into sand. One man is wearing an Allah pendant — which is the Arabic word for God — and Katy turns the Allah pendant into dust. Over 65K people were so outraged, they signed an online petition demanding the video be removed from YouTube. Instead, the pendant was digitally edited out of the movie, so you don’t see it at all. But at least Katy’s week ended on a high note. Last night, she helped deliver a baby when her friend suddenly went into labor! She tweeted, “Finally you can add ‘helps delivers babies in living rooms’ to my resume! It’s been a miracle of a day… Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie.”


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