Kevin Costner’s Wife Files For Divorce

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees… Da Brat & Judy’s baby update… Jamie Foxx still in serious condition… Ed Sheeran suffered another blow… and Kevin Costner’s wife files for divorce

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Inductees for the 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were announced this morning. Fan favorite George Michael made it in, but the rest of the top five — Cyndi Lauper, Warren Zevon, Iron Maiden and Soundgarden — did not. Joining the late George Michael this year will be Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, Willie Nelson, Rage Against the Machine and the Spinners. George, Sheryl, Missy and Willie all got in on their very first try. Fourth time was the charm for Kate and the Spinners. And it took six tries for Rage Against the Machine to make the cut. The induction ceremony will be held Nov. 3 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Da Brat and her wife Jessica Dupart — who goes by Judy — star in a reality show called “Brat Loves Judy.” Season 3 is out now on WEtv. Da Brat and Jessica are expecting a baby boy. This will be Da Brat’s first child; Jessica has 3 children from a previous relationship. The couple went through IVF to conceive, using Judy’s egg but having Da Brat carrying the baby. Da Brat told “The Root” that they ended up choosing a white donor because there was only one Black donor available, and — according to Da Brat — “Dude looked like Jiminy Cricket!” Until they began their IVF journey, the couple didn’t realize how few Black donors were available to choose from. In fact, Black men make up less than 5 percent of the donor pool. So after starting out with a few thousand candidates, Judy’s genetic screening narrowed the pool down to about 300. Out of those, only one was Black. The couple tried to wait a few weeks to see if any other Black men made donations, but their window to conceive was closing and they had to make a choice. Brat said, “Because we didn’t have a lot to choose from, he definitely wasn’t Black. But I think we did a great job with picking. He’s handsome, he’s tall and I think he’s going to look beautiful with my wife’s egg.”

On April 11, Jamie Foxx’s daughter announced her dad had suffered a “medical complication” but she hasn’t released any information since. While we still don’t know what happened, Jamie remains hospitalized in Atlanta, and TMZ’s sources say he needs all the prayers he can get. Meantime, Jamie’s gameshow “Beat Shazam” had to start filming its new season. They haven’t announced who’s hosting but based on comments he made, we believe it’s Nick Cannon. Jamie’s daughter Corrine is staying with her dad in Atlanta, so she won’t be part of this season, either. Right after Jamie’s health crisis, a body double was used so filming of “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz could continue. We don’t know the status of filming any further without Jamie.

Ed Sheeran is still in NYC, defending himself against ripping off Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” for his hit “Thinking Out Loud.” This is one of many songs inspired by Ed’s grandparents, and sadly, because of this trial, Ed had to miss his 98-year-old grandmother’s funeral in England today. His father told the mourners, “ He’s upset that he cannot be present. He has to be thousands of miles away in a court in America defending his integrity. I know he is comforted by the fact that he was able to spend some precious time alone with his grandma just a month ago.” In court yesterday, Ed’s lawyer asked Ed what he would do if the jury finds him guilty of copyright infringement. Ed testified, “If the happens, I’m done. I’m stopping. I fid it to be really insulting. I work really hard to be where I’m at.”

After 18 years of marriage, Christine Baumgartner — aka Mrs. Kevin Costner — has filed for divorce. She cites the usual “irreconcilable differences.” Sources say six months ago, Christine told Kevin he needed to quit “Yellowstone” because his busy filming schedule was impacting their family. Instead, Kevin reportedly signed on for a new Western project that he is set to direct, produce and star in, with a shooting schedule expected to last over 7 months. In her divorce filing, Christine is asking for joint custody of their three children, 15-year-old Cayden, 14-year-old Hayes, and 12-year-old Grace. She is not asking for spousal support. TMZ says it’s because Christine signed a prenup. A rep for Kevin released a statement saying, “It is with great sadness that circumstances beyond his control have transpired which have resulted in Mr. Costner having to participate in a dissolution of marriage action.”


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