Kourtney Kardashian Splits With Younes Bendjima

Ruby Rose will be Batwoman… LeBron James’ TV show… Child support documents between Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt… Kanye West’s returning interview… and Kourtney Kardashian splits with Younes Bendjima

Ruby Rose is The CW’s new Batwoman, aka Kate Kane. Batwoman will be introduced in December during the network’s annual DC crossover event, which will include The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl. If all goes well, the plan is to then develop a stand-alone series for Batwoman that would hopefully debut in the fall of 2019.

LeBron James conquered basketball. Is he about to conquer Hollywood? LeBron has three TV shows in the works. HBO’s “The Shop” debuts on August 28. It’s basically an unfiltered talk show set in different barbershops across the country. The first episode features Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Saints running back Alvin Kamara, Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors and Candace Parker from the LA Sparks. CBS loves LeBron’s “Million Dollar Mile.” The show revolves around the streets of a major city being shut down for “the most challenging course ever designed.” A group of elite athletes have one mission: Stop the contestants from winning the money at all costs. OUCH. And Showtime just announced they’ve picked up LeBron’s show, “Shut Up and Dribble,” which is about the roles of athletes in today’s political environment.

Angelina Jolie is accusing Brad Pitt of not paying any “meaningful” child support since they separated a year and a half ago. She’s filed a court order asking a judge to force him to pay up. Based on the filing, Angelina and Brad had an informal arrangement, but Brad hasn’t honored his commitment and she plans to file a request for retroactive child support. Of course, Brad won’t comment, but his friends will! Some of those close to him told Page Six that Brad is FAR from a deadbeat dad and that he’s paid millions for therapists for the kids, as well as their travel expenses and round-the-clock bodyguards. One says Angelina only filed these papers because Brad told her he’s ready to restart the formal divorce process.

Kanye West is going to be a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday night. It’s been five years since Kanye came on Jimmy’s show to settle their beef. Kanye didn’t like it when Jimmy did a sketch using some comments from the infamous BBC interview where Kanye said, “When someone comes up and says something like, ‘I am a god,’ and everybody says, ‘Who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was! A god! I just told you! That’s who I think I am!” Kanye didn’t think that was funny. In fact, he called Jimmy a “manipulative media (BLANKITY BLANKER)” and created the hashtag, #AllDisrespectToJimmyKimmel. That only made Jimmy come at him harder because he “always wanted to be in a rap feud.” But Kanye came on the show and the feud was over. And five years later, he’s back with Jimmy tomorrow night!

Kourtney Kardashian met Younes Bendjima in a Paris nightclub two years ago, on the same trip that her sister Kim was robbed in her hotel room. He helped the girls at that fought time, serving as a translator when they needed him, and his relationship with Kourtney grew from there. Things have been rocky recently and a source told E! News that ever since they got back from their recent vacation to Italy, their arguments were getting worse. They decided to take some time apart, but while they were “on a break,” a British tabloid got pictures of him hugging up on Hooters waitress turned model Jordan Ozuna. If her name is familiar, she’s previously been linked to Tyga and Justin Bieber. And if there was a chance of these two working it out, that ain’t happening now! Younes is defending himself on his Instagram Story, “They really want me to be the bad guy. (laughing emojis) (BLANK) your Hollywood bullsh** (cant have fun with your friends no more).” And he added, “dailymail Where are my 12 other friendssss? Nice catch tho.” Jordan released a statement to E! News backing him up, “Younes and I are not involved romantically at all. We were both invited to Mexico for a mutual friend’s birthday party with 13 other people. It was nothing more than friends having fun at the beach. No, we aren’t romantically involved in any way, shape or form.” Meantime, an eyewitness says, um, NO. They were kissing all night at a club in Cancun.


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