Kylie Jenner Reunites With Tyga After Travis Scott Breakup

Will Smith put it on sale… Adele’s rebound… Justin Bieber has new music… Demi Lovato apologizes… and Kylie Jenner reunites with Tyga after Travis Scott breakup…

With 90s fashion being so fashionable again, the Fresh Prince of the 90s has decided to get a little piece of that action. Will Smith announced his new “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” clothing line on his Instagram, saying “I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. Then I put it on sale. NEW @FRESHPRINCE MERCH! Link in bio.” You can see him modeling some of the merch on his IG, and if you follow the link to the online store, you’ll see it’s only up for another 12 days. The gym bag filled with a reversible Bel-Air Academy track jacket, gym tee, socks and money ball — that’s a navy and paisley basketball — is already sold out. That reversible track jacket is pretty cool when show the paisley side. That sells for $95. The cheapest thing on there is a $6 air freshener you can hang from you mirror instead of those dice. It’s shaped like Will dribbling a basketball while wearing a Bel-Air uniform.

Adele is rumored to be rebounding with a British rapper named Skepta, who is being referred to as a Grime artist. According to the Mirror, Adele and Skepta have been a support system for each other since their recent break-ups. One of their sources said that friends of these two are hoping this relationship will grow into something serious because the really do make a great couple. Adele and Skepta have actually been friends for a while. Back in 2016 — when Adele was still with Simon Konecki — Skepta told ES Magazine that she texted him all the time and kept him in check. Adele and Simon split in April.

Justin Bieber announced that he’s releasing a new song with Dan + Shay on Friday called “10,000 Hours.” Justin described it as “wedding music,” so perhaps it was performed at his wedding to Hailey on Monday. After all, Dan + Shay were guests at Justin’s wedding, along with their mutual manager, Scooter Braun. “10,000 Hours” reportedly will be the first single off Dan + Shay’s sophomore album.

Demi Lovato is apologizing for those who were offended by her recent trip to Israel. After receiving a ton of backlash from those who said Demi was obviously making a political statement by choosing Israel over Palestine, she explained on her Instagram Story, “I accepted a free trip to Israel in exchange for a few posts. No one told me there would be anything wrong with going or that I could possibly be offending anyone. With that being said, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt or offended anyone, that was no my intention.” She went on to say, “This was meant to be a spiritual experience for me, NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT and now I realize it hurt people and for that I’m sorry. Sorry I’m not more educated and sorry for thinking this trip was just a spiritual experience.”

Sources say the relationship between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has simply run its course, but if that’s the case, what was she doing hanging out with Tyga? Was she trying to make Travis mad? Is this just another publicity stunt? The Daily Mail got pictures of Kylie and a couple girlfriends pulling up to the Sunset Marquis in Kylie’s blue Rolls Royce about 2am. That happens to be where Tyga has been working on some new music. About an hour later, the Daily Mail says Tyga and the girls all left out the same exit. Tyga and Kylie dated for three years until they split two and a half years ago. They connected at Sofia Richie’s 21st birthday party in Vegas back in August, which is about the same time Kylie and Travis were last photographed together in public.

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