Madonna adopts twin girls from Malawi

Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter update… Nick made Bachelor history… Katy Perry will be perform at the Grammys… Is Kate Upton a diva?… and Madonna adopts twin girls from Malawi

We have more details about Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter’s ATV accident on Sunday. While her mom and stepdad were watching, 8-year-old Maddie was driving her Polaris on the family’s property in Louisiana. Maddie swerved to avoid a drainage ditch, causing the ATV to flip over into a pond, leaving Maddie submerged in the water. Jamie Lynn and her husband rushed over but couldn’t free her from the seatbelt and safety netting. A source said within two minutes an ambulance arrived and they were able to get Maddie out. She was rushed to the hospital where she is still listed in critical but stable condition.

As annoying as Nick is on “The Bachelor,” he made history happen on that show. Both Rachel and Jasmine G. made it through the fifth rose ceremony — the first African-American contestants to accomplish that feat in 20 seasons! However, Jasmine won’t live to see a sixth rose ceremony. She was booted after threatening to choke Nick. For some reason, he didn’t like that.

The Grammys are this Sunday and it was just announced that Katy Perry will be performing. She’s currently working on her fifth studio album and hasn’t released any new music since she did “Rise” for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Also performing this Sunday night are Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, The Weeknd, Adele and John Legend.

Sources say that Kate Upton may have blown her chance at landing another cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition because she’s a big ol’ diva behind the scenes. Sources told Page Six that it’s likely SI will go with three covers, featuring Serena Williams, Christie Brinkley, and MAYBE Kate. We’ll have to see what they decide on Monday when the magazine is released. But sources say Kate has been very demanding — saying she’d only do the shoot if she gets the cover and handing over a list of her pre-approved photographers and hair and makeup people. A source said she thinks she’s better than everybody else now because she’s been in one movie and has three in post-production.

Last week, Madonna was asked if she was in Malawi to adopt more kids and she said no. She said she was there to check up on her charity projects. But it turns out, Madonna was pulling a fast one! We just found out Malawi’s High Court has given Madonna permission to adopt twin girls, Ester and Stella, who have been living in an orphanage for two years. Madonna adopted her son David Banda from Malawi in 2006, and daughter Mercy James in 2009.


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