Mariah Carey is blaming Scientology for breakup with James Packer

DWTS spoiler… Zayn Malik’s eating disorder… Idris Elba shuts down Madonna rumor… Taylor Swift and Drake getting close… and Mariah Carey is blaming Scientology for breakup with James Packer

SPOILER ALERT: It’s the end of the road for Ryan Lochte on “Dancing with the Stars.” Ryan and his professional partner Cheryl Burke were sent home last night. Ryan said he feels sad, but he knew it was going to happen eventually. But he’s looking forward to coming back to perform for fun in the finale in two weeks. Meantime, he’s got a wedding to plan! He popped the question to former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid on October 9. He said, “Now that the show’s over for me, I can sit down, take a deep breath and start thinking about the wedding.”

The eliminated couple is announced on Dancing with the Stars’ Season 23 Halloween Night!

Zayn Malik has lived a lot of life in his first 23 years, so he figured he’d write his autobiography. In it, Zayn talks about the tremendous stress he was under being part of One Direction. His schedule was so out of control crazy, Zayn says he would forget to eat for DAYS. He doesn’t think he had an eating disorder, necessarily, but he says he is managing his eating way better now. Zayn admits to suffering from massive anxiety attacks that leave him so paralyzed with fear that he’s had to cancel performances. But don’t expect a juicy tell-all. He doesn’t talk much about his split with Perrie Edwards or his current girlfriend Gigi Hadid. But if you care to hear what he DOES have to say, Zayn is out today.

Whatever Madonna has going on with Idris Elba, he wants us to know it’s not as big of a deal as we think — or maybe SHE thinks — it is. She was there to support him in his first professional kickboxing match in London on Friday and posted a video of it. At the after party, “The Sun” was reporting that Idris and Madonna were acting like a kissy couple. But Idris is nipping that talk right in the bud, tweeting, “Am I sleeping with Madonna? No m*****f******… ‘Don’t believe the Hype’.” Dang, Idris. Why you gotta be cussing us?

Watch Idris Elba’s kickboxing match on Madonna’s Instagram.

Idris Elba Smashes it at York Hall! 👊🏾😂🇬🇧

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Taylor Swift and Drake have been very chummy lately, don’t you think? Well, Page Six finally got to the bottom of it. A source says they’ve actually been in the studio collaborating on some new music. There were rumors that Drake was flirting with Taylor at his birthday party, but it turns out Drake pretty much flirts with everybody.

Mariah Carey’s got the worst luck! It took her FOREVER to get Nick Cannon to sign off on those divorce papers. Basically, they have joint custody, there’s no spousal or child support, and each one keeps what he or she earned during the course of their marriage. So what was the holdup, Nick?? Anyway, he finally signs on the dotted line, Mariah flies off to Greece to celebrate with her fiancé James Packer, there reportedly was a huge fight between James and Mariah’s assistant so they don’t end up speaking to each other for about a month. And then! James decided to end their engagement, but Mariah found out about it just like we did — from the media!! Now sources are saying that Mariah is blaming the breakup on James’ Scientology influences. His business manager Tommy Davis is a former spokesperson for the Church of Scientology. Mariah believes Tommy poisoned James against her once he took control of James’ finances and saw how much money Mariah was blowing through. Sources in Mariah’s camp claim Tommy has James on a “purification rundown” and told him to “disconnect” from Mariah. It turns out James was a Scientologist from 2002 to 2006 and now sources are saying the fight in Greece happened because Mariah thought James was acting very strange toward her and asked him flat out if he was back in Scientology. She reportedly was told that James wasn’t feeling well and she had to leave. Next thing she knew, the wedding was off.


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