Meghan Markle Is Expected To Move In With Prince Harry

Is Tyrese trying to influence his daughter… Katherine McPhee and David Foster ARE dating… Kelly Clarkson’s confession… Katy Perry crashed a wedding… and Meghan Markle is expected to move in with Prince Harry

The Blast is reporting that Tyrese sent his 10-year-old daughter into hysterics after he hired a banner plane to fly over her elementary school with the message, “NO MATTER WHAT, DADDY LOVES YOU SHAYLA.” Shayla to testify today over her mom’s allegations that Tyrese pinned their daughter to the ground and beat her bottom so harshly that she couldn’t sit down afterwards. Norma Gibson says that in the days leading up to her testimony, Tyrese has been trying to influence their daughter by sending gifts of balloons, flowers, a teddy bear, a fruit arrangement and a card to her school. Norma is trying to get a permanent restraining order against Tyrese. She’s also afraid that he might try to take their daughter to Dubai, where Tyrese has business ties, and she’d never see Shayla again.

So it looks like Katherine McPhee and David Foster ARE dating, it’s just not that serious. Apparently their working relationship has blossomed into a little something more. The two of them were photographed at an ATM Sunday night because David needed a little pocket cash. Katherine’s hand was resting comfortably on his left butt cheek. Yeah. It’s like that. He’s 67. She’s 33.

Kelly Clarkson revealed to Attitude magazine that she’s struggled with eating disorders and, during her darkest times, even thought about committing suicide. Kelly said when she was her skinniest, that’s when she wanted to kill herself. She said, “I was miserable, like, inside and out, for four years of my life. But, no one cared, because aesthetically you make sense.” Kelly struggled with bulimia, and said she wrecked her knees and her feet because all she would do was put on her headphones and run. But things started to change in 2007 with the release of her album My December. She said she was around some really negative people and made the decision to walk away from them and walk toward the light.

Katy Perry was staying at the Four Seasons in St. Louis before her concert there and decided to crash a wedding taking place there, with the bride’s permission! She and about three dozen crew members hunts out and danced for a good 15 minutes or so and Katy was THISCLOSE to singing, but left when things started to get a little too rowdy.

According to Royal expert Katie Nicholl, Meghan Markle is expected to move in with Prince Harry as early as next month, and she expects them to announce their engagement after the new year. It’s all about timing with the Royals. Apparently, the Royal Calendar is already full with other appointments that must be respected. So after that engagement announcement is made, Katie expects the Royal Wedding to happen in June, at the earliest. That’s because Kate Middleton is delivering the next Royal Baby in April, and the family needs a minute to breathe between that momentous occasion and the wedding.


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