Upcoming movie ‘Wedding Every Weekend’… Dwayne Johnson still on top… Britney Spears’ $1 Million in legal fees… Kanye West sorta apologizes… and Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are officially homeowners

This weekend, the Hallmark Channel is premiering a new movie called “Wedding Every Weekend.” The plot revolves around two single friends who get invited to four weddings over four weekends and decide to be each other’s plus one. We all know the Hallmark formula. These two will obviously fall in love and I’m guessing the final scene will be them standing at the altar saying their “I dos.” But for the first time in Hallmark movie history, they are featuring a same-sex marriage. Two women tie the knot in one of those “weddings every weekend.” Hallmark had promised they were going to start featuring LGBTQ characters in their movies, but we all assumed they’d wait till Christmas.

Forbes is out with their list of the highest paid actors. Topping the list again this year is Dwayne Johnson with $87.5M, down from last year’s $89.4M, when he got that big paycheck for “Jumanji: Next Level.” This year, Dwayne got a $23.5M check for the Netflix movie “Red Notice,” which also stars the number two highest paid actor, Ryan Reynolds. Forbes said he earned $71.5 million. Netflix loves Ryan. He got $20M for this movie, another $20M for “Six Underground,” and he’s got a third Netflix movie in the works. That’ll probably keep him on next year’s list. Coming in third is another Netflix favorite, Mark Wahlberg with $58M. He starred in the action comedy “Spenser Confidential” and also produced some documentaries, including “McMillions” and “Wahl Street.”

Britney Spears’ conservatorship is up for review on Aug. 22. “E! News” claims to have gotten a hold of financial documents from Britney Spears’ conservatorship case for 2019. Britney paid her team of advisors and attorneys a combined $1.2M in 2019. Her father, Jamie Spears, earned $128,000 for his role as conservator. Britney gets an undisclosed weekly allowance to spend at her discretion. Her stores of choice include Anthropologie, Walmart, Amazon, and Target. Also in 2019, Britney spent $91k on vacations to Miami and Turks and Caicos, which she has said is her favorite place in the world. And she also had too cough up $1M for upkeep on her house, which including repairing her home gym which accidentally burned down because of a tip-over candle.

A few weeks ago, Kanye West went on several late night Twitter rants and directed a lot of his anger at his mother-in-law. He blasted Kris Jenner for selling Kim’s sex tape, said she was no longer allowed around his children, and even called her “Kris Jong Un.” I don’t know if he cleared the air behind the scenes, but yesterday Kanye made nice by tweeting, “My mother in law Kris Jenner … makes the best music playlist.” He even added a smiley face. Kanye also tweeted a picture him and Jay-Z performing together back in the day, adding, “Miss my bro…real talk.” Then Kanye started tweeting like crazy, giving us sneak peaks at the waterproof bags he’s got coming out, some presidential campaign merch and the prototype for some funky ski-boot looking shoe.

Back in March Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved into Tyler Perry’s $18M mansion in Beverly Hills, but it was only temporary. Sources told Page Six that Harry and Meghan secretly moved into a home in Santa Barbara about six weeks ago, and this is actually the first home either one of them has owned! To protect their privacy and safety, the sources didn’t give specific details about the house, but reportedly, some of their more famous neighbors include Oprah and Ellen. By the way, Meghan is still a US citizen and plans to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Traditionally, Royals don’t vote because they want to appear neutral, but Meghan has pretty much thrown the Royal Rule Book out the window.

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