Amber Rose’s new manager… Ben Affleck news… Matthew McConaughey is NOT going to be in “Magic Mike XXL”… Iggy Azalea’s master recordings… and Miley Cyrus is being investigated for desecrating flag

Amber Rose has a new manager — Nick Cannon. Nick is going to manage Amber’s career through his company, NCredible Entertainment. Amber is more than just Wiz Kalifa’s wife and baby mama. She was once signed to Ford Models and she recorded a single in 2012. But basically, she’s known for wearing next to nothing and showing off her booty.

Remember when Ben Affleck REALLY let himself go? He told Details magazine that he was just getting into character for the movie, “Gone Girl.” In the book, Ben’s character is described as looking “puffy and hungover,” so for about six months, he became that guy! Ben also admitted to Details that he was caught counting cards in a casino, but he says it wasn’t as dramatic as the tabloids made it out to be. He wasn’t physically removed by security. Ben said, “They just came up and said, ‘We can’t let you play blackjack. But we have other table games!'”

You TRULY heard it first here on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show:  Matthew McConaughey is NOT going to be in “Magic Mike XXL.” Gabriel Iglesias said so when he was in studio with us promoting “The Fluffy Movie.” But when we asked Joe Mangienello about it, he got downright mad that Gabriel was acting like he knew what was going on in the negotiations. But Gabriel was right! The director confirmed the sad news to IndieWire yesterday that Matthew won’t be back.

Back in 2008, 17-year-old Iggy Azalea was living in a Houston hotel room, working on her music. That’s when she met an older man named Maurice Williams, who likes to go by his rapper name, Jefe Wine. Maurice — or Jefe — told Iggy he was a partner in an oil company and put her up in an apartment. What she didn’t know at the time was that he was married with children. said he was a partner in an oil company and he put In 2009, Iggy decided to move to Atlanta. So Jefe not only moved her into a house there, he moved in with her. That’s when, according to her lawsuit, Jefe downloaded the entire contents of her personal computer onto a jump drive without her consent. That would be where he got those naked photos, but more importantly, some unreleased master recordings. Jefe has released some of those recordings online, promising to release the entire collection on September. He claims that Iggy signed away her rights to him and he’s got the contract to prove it. But Iggy is claiming those documents were forged from an old management contract she’d once signed and that this music was stolen.

Mexican authorities are investigating Miley Cyrus for desecrating their flag. During her show in Monterrey Tuesday night, Miley strapped on a gigantic prosthetic butt and let her dancers whip her with Mexican flags. It turns out Miley and her dancers may have actually violated a law that protects national emblems, the flag and the national anthem. Those who are found guilty of desecrating the flag could be punished by up to 36 hours in jail or fines of up to $5000.  We’ll see if Miley pulls the same stunt when she performs in Monterrey again tonight.


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